Exiatec Technology

Predict & Prevent Quality Losses in your manufacturing plant

You can find and repair the hidden causes of process inefficiencies while also enhancing yield with Process-Based Artificial Intelligence.

Anticipate process inefficiencies in advance

With AI, you can improve the quality of your processes and put a permanent stop to unprofitable wastages and losses. Predict why your manufacturing processes are suboptimal or losing money, then figure out the best solutions to overcome them.

Determine the underlying causes of manufacturing incompetences

It identifies the underlying flaws that limit your flexibility. Your establishments will be foolproof and modern with this solution, and your production teams will be fully equipped to reduce losses and waste.

Proactively alerted to prevent unheard-of process failures

By integrating Exiatec Predict & Prevent Quality Losses into your IT infrastructure, you may gain access to a variety of unique process health monitoring models, anomaly trackers, and warning systems.

Why do you need to predict and prevent quality losses?

You can yield losses and accelerate your production quality standards to meet sky-high limitations with our new-age Predict & Prevent Quality Losses Solutions. Exiatec’s invention is the most advanced AI solution developed to minimise any worldwide industrial establishment’s difficult and unprofitable manufacturing processes.

Many forward-thinking manufacturing practitioners throughout the world regard Exiatec Predict & Prevent Quality Losses as the most readily adjustable, precise, and agile solution.

Allow Artificial Intelligence to Guide your team to industrial excellence

Exiatec Predict & Prevent Quality Losses is a comprehensive solution for resolving all types of production issues. It’s a proprietary solution that employs AI algorithms to detect the basic causes of process defects and give your team the best options for decreasing errors and boosting production quality. This technical solution is straightforward to implement, precise, and a must-have for forward-thinking manufacturing firms.

Analysis of the New Age's Root Causes

Locate the precise cause-of-defect out of millions of multi-source data tags quickly to pinpoint suboptimal performance and costly system downtimes.

Take Advantage of Predictive Technologies

Discover the best process structures to avoid system failures and provide the highest levels of production quality and productivity.

Express Notifications System

Allows your production team to be notified via proactive alarms when your system deviates from regular operating procedures.

Schema that is centralised and multi-connected

Starting with product planning and ending with post-production events, this system collects, standardises, purifies, and enriches production datasets obtained from numerous sources.

Models of Digitalized and User-Defined Processes

For greater visuality, tailors a digital model of whole production networks and displays the underlying interrelationships between your data tags.

Enrichment of Data in an Automated Manner

Automated code representations are used to depict real-time process fluctuations in order to record and track even the most complex process aberrations in real time.

AI-enabled Core Engine

The innate algorithms are constantly engaged by the AI-driven core engine to isolate problems, recommend process diagnostics, and provide insights.

Not-to-be-missed characteristics

Root Cause Analysis, Simultaneous Problems Analysis, Multi-tag Analysis, Lightning Flash Alerts, and Scientifically-backed Predictive Recommendation Tools have all been supercharged by Houses.

Optimise. Elevate. Welcome to the New Age.

Why does Exiatec forecast and prevent quality loss?

Adopt the most advanced Predict & Prevent Quality Losses Solution to gain access to a slew of must-have features that will keep your manufacturing plants safe and productive! By utilising AI technology to acquire insight into your production flaws and malfunctions, Exiatec Predict & Prevent Quality Losses may be custom configured to fit your corporate goals. Learn more about the advantages that this critical solution can provide to your manufacturing facility.

How does Exiatec’s method for Predicting and Preventing Quality Losses work?

Exiatec Predict & Prevent Quality Losses is a complex system that combines industry-leading AI and machine learning solutions with cutting-edge data visualisation capabilities to optimise manufacturing operations. Users can utilise this solution’s remarkable features to analyse large amounts of company data to find possibilities and increase efficiency, operability, and productivity all in one go. Here are a few of the solution’s amazing technologies.

Long-term manufacturing data analysis (advanced)
Reporting Tools that are AI-defined or user-defined
Technology that eliminates system downtime
Process Optimization with a Digital Twin
Analysis of Critical Resources
Data pipelines from IT and OT should be integrated.
Visualisation Dashboards with 1000+ Graphics Objects in an Easy-to-Use Format
Root Cause Analysis Tools for Quality Issues
Modelers and Calculators for Hidden Data Points
Trend Modeling Tools for Real-Time Data
Modeling with PLS and PCA
Target Deviation Trigger Systems

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