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Be technologically competent to face an era with faster internet connections

Many modern data network providers are making the required changes to prepare for the arrival of 5G in the not-too-distant future. This puts all industrial, professional, and commercial enterprises in a difficult situation to replace their soon-to-be outdated solutions with 5G-compatible equipment.

Exiatec is a prominent Software Solution Provider that offers modern and futuristic solutions that come with premium 5G capabilities by default. With the use of 5G technology, our solution is guaranteed to increase the speed and reliability of data transmissions across your data networks. Exiatec’s enterprise mobility solutions will undoubtedly complement the anticipated network enhancements brought on by the introduction of 5G technology.

Connect with our team to see how our software suites can assist your company to avoid the escalating technology disruptions that will wreak havoc on many industrial participants once data-dependent entities begin to take advantage of 5G’s capabilities.

Our 5G-enhanced solutions

Allow your corporate asset managers to use proactive centralised control, aided by 5G technology, to deploy and maintain premium mobile asset capabilities on your production floors.

Equip your decision-makers with our cutting-edge edge analytics platform, which can be upgraded by 5G for even quicker data processing and analysis capabilities; with this technological bundle, your decision-makers will make judgments in a fraction of a second.

This Exiatec Proprietory solution allowed industrial practitioners to improve the performance and sustainability of their production processes on a single screen, and it was made possible by 5G-enabled networks.

Your manufacturing facilities will benefit from superior factory management conveniences after 5G is implemented. For enhanced operability, you can track and trace your real-time operations and leverage real-time demand-based scheduling tools.

Exiatec Multi-Protocol Drivers, which are completely adapted to 5G-empowered digital environments, ensure that your business will keep up with the disruptions of data-driven industrial cultures.

Employ Exiatec WMS 4.0, a premium 5G-supporting Warehouse Management System for your data-driven future, to optimize the rewards and potential of your operational and management efforts.

Allow our premium solutions to improve your business by automating your efforts.