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Integrated Smart Water System by Exiatec

Monitoring, forecasting, and preventing asset failures from the Catchment (Dams and Reservoirs) to the Reticulation. Utilize Satellite Data Algorithms to forecast floods with greater accuracy than ever before.

Track & Trace Pipelines Throughout the City

Detect spontaneous leaks and forecast pipe failures in your expansive pipe networks to acquire a city-wide picture of your pipe networks, isolate essential pipelines, and maintain the health and optimal operation of your water systems.

Utilize Cutting-Edge Visual and Data Analytics

Exiatec leads the industry in allowing IIoT-enabled inspection hardware and software, as well as visual and laser analytical tools, to provide the most capable pipe inspection technology suite ever presented to the market.

Analyze the financial viability of the company over the next decade

Utilize AI-driven investment profiles that account for every spending or investment in your water infrastructure from start to finish.

Why is the Integrated Smart Water System required?

The majority of water utility service providers face difficulties in setting operational and financial goals as a result of their inability to quantify asset condition changes, manage environmental concerns, and use superior asset monitoring and predictive technologies.

The majority of water utility service providers face difficulties in setting operational and financial goals as a result of their inability to quantify asset condition changes, manage environmental concerns, and use superior asset monitoring and predictive technologies. Municipalities and city councils may self-monitor, configure, and inspect water network issues, as well as forecast practical and resourceful management methods and financial initiatives based on probable water system scenarios, using Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Water System.

Using satellite data, optimise your water utility’s level of service one drop at a time!

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Water System is equipped with battle-tested artificial intelligence models, immersive simulation platforms, information and interactive 3D models, smart dashboards, city-scale GIS maps, IIoT-powered inspection equipment and sensors, and an abundance of smart technological tools. Here are some critical qualities that you must have in order to optimise your water utility service on an individual basis.

Instruments for the Internet of Things

With our proprietary IIoT technology, nanosensors, CCTV and laser equipment, and other sensor-based hardware will be intelligently and collectively operated.

Simulating Water Events Accurately

The simulation platform enables asset managers to assess the resilience, sustainability, and longevity of dynamic assets in the face of changing conditions.

Model of the Holistic Digital Twin

Equip holistic interactive models of water systems that depict the infrastructure for water collection, treatment, collecting, and reticulation in a modifiable model.

Intelligent Risk Prediction Tools

Exiatec's unmatched AI and predictive analytical models enable precise forecasting of future asset degradation patterns, hazards, suboptimal performance, and other negative consequences.

Analyses Visual and Laser

Reduce pipeline inspection times from months to minutes with novel visual and laser analytics techniques that automatically illustrate pipe conditions in a three-dimensional model.

GIS & ArcGIS Visualizations Without End

Exiatec GIS Maps intelligently depict the operational condition of your end-to-end water systems via ArcGIS interfaces.

Budget Forecasting Tools for the Next Ten Years

Make financial decisions by utilising numerous budget scenario analysis tools, AI-driven or user-defined investment profiles, and financial viability compliance checkers.

Consolidated Insights into Parametrics

Monitor and forecast parametric data such as BGA, pH, DO, manganese, nitrate, and chlorine concentrations in order to determine parametric trends using visualisation mediums.

Security Protocols and Data Privatisation

Equip yourself with best-in-class security measures and backup technologies to safeguard data against tampering using intelligent high-end data security alert systems.

How is the Exiatec Integrated Smart Water System designed to operate?

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Water System is educated in realistic water scenarios to optimise the overall performance of your assets and ensure compliance with explicit OEE criteria. It leverages dynamic event simulation tools, machine learning models driven by AI, digital twin technology, and a variety of out-of-the-box technologies to optimise your water systems’ asset management efforts through complicated futuristic asset control, maintenance, and configuration strategies.

3D models of whole water infrastructure
A solution compatible with all IT infrastructure
Execute Initiatives for the Maintenance of Autonomous Water Assets
Enhanced resolution and interaction of graphical user interfaces
Sensor-based updates and backup services for the IIoT
Models of machine learning that produce visible, actionable insights
Insights gleaned from satellite data via state-level disaster risk maps
Analysis of Multiple Asset Scenarios Defined by the User
Instruments for Calibration of Water Infrastructure

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