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Smart Warehousing

Restructure your warehouses to make them more resilient to future disturbances.

Smart Warehousing is a broad notion that refers to the collective and collaborative exploitation of modern technologies inside an industrial distribution network in order to transform warehousing and logistics operations into ones that are more intelligent, flexible, precise, and foolproof. The technologies highlighted by industry 4.0 standards, such as artificial intelligence (AI), predictive and preventive maintenance technologies, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), digital twins, and more modern technologies, all contribute to making this capability a requirement for industrial players, rather than a luxury.

Exiatec is a Software Solution Provider that specialises in the customization of complex technical solutions and comprehensive software packages that leverage modern warehousing technology. Our solutions incorporate true and not-to-be-missed intelligent warehousing features and capabilities that enable forward-thinking businesses to remain unmatched and face the future of intelligent warehousing endeavours with confidence and sustainability. Contact us to determine the degree or kind of smart warehousing features required for your facility to properly comply with Industry 4.0 regulations.

Benefits of Smart Warehousing

Our Smart Warehousing-enhanced Solutions

Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager enables intelligent management of your warehouses and distribution centres' multiple AGV swarms. Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager is the best AGV solution for forward-thinking smart warehouses of the new era.

This system is enhanced with intelligent warehousing capabilities that enable warehouse data analysts to independently collect analytic-ready warehouse data and translate it into insightful warehouse decisions in real time.

Exiatec's unique Warehouse Management System is upgraded to fulfil all of the ultramodern era's smart warehousing requirements. Exiatec WMS 4.0 is a completely customizable, feature-rich smart warehouse management system for all industrial players.

Allow our premium solutions to improve your business by automating your efforts.