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Create general-purpose apps with the use of intelligent microservice configuration.

Microservices is an architectural style for software services that configures programmes as a collection of services. Microservices architectures enable application developers to create applications that are composed of a collection of loosely connected and independently deployable services for the user. This approach of customising corporate applications has garnered recognition for its distinctive characteristics, which include automated deployment, business-oriented intelligence at end points, decentralised control of data and language, and a slew of additional signature capabilities.

Our software solutions inherit authentic microservice capabilities, enabling your end users to easily and independently customise interfaces to do their duties. Utilize our authentic and adaptable software solutions to easily rebuild your applications and achieve the benefits of dynamic software service usage. Additionally, we provide microservice architectural advice and training to assist your organisation in determining the most appropriate microservice architectures for your corporate IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Microservices

Our Microservices-enhanced Solutions

Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform enables microservices architectures to optimise your software deployment and usage experiences, resulting in smarter and more pleasant application tools and feature executions.

This solution is upgraded with flawless integration capabilities and multi-protocol compatibility, enabling you to implement event-driven microservices to enable profitable digital transformations in your business.

Allow our premium solutions to revolutionise your business by automating your efforts.