Exiatec Technology

Digital Twin

Constructing a link between your physical and digital worlds

The Digital Twin feature visualises real-time data from a system or actual object on a screen through a synthetic representation. Cerexio revolutionised this technology to its next best state. It is a not-to-be-missed technological skill that has facilitated industrial practitioners for decades.

At Exiatec, we empower and improve our Digital Twin capabilities with cutting-edge, battle-tested simulation technology, enhancing its sophistication and user reliance. Digital Twins are no longer a luxury; they are a requirement for organisational ecosystems that rely on the performance and functionality of their huge asset portfolios, which is why Exiatec’s solutions incorporate thorough Digital Twins. Manipulate an interactive, dynamic virtual representation of your corporate assets in real time to achieve out-of-the-box operational and administrative efficiencies.

Exiatec assists you in improving and remodelling your administrative efforts by guiding you toward ultra-modern capabilities of agile and success-guaranteed decision making.

Benefits of Digital Twin

Our Digital Twin-enhanced Solutions

The enormous asset swarms of your industrial sites, consisting of over 1000 machines and pieces of equipment, may be synced and scalably controlled utilising the Digital Twin linked with Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager.

Exiatec's Manufacturing Execution System is powered by highly detailed Digital Twins, enabling risk-free process schedulers and trackers to intelligently increase factory productivity..

Exiatec's Warehouse Management System Solution is enhanced by simulation technology, enabling plant managers to manage warehouse operations securely and effortlessly using Digital Twins.

Your supply chain and logistics manager can use the Digital Twins incorporated in Exiatec Supplier Chain Control Tower to acquire a 360-degree view of your broad supply networks.

Allow our premium solutions to automate your efforts and improve your business.