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Digital Factory

Unlock the next level of your factories in the data-driven era.

By using modern technologies, forward-thinking manufacturing giants of the twenty-first century are investing in retrofitting factories, warehouses, power plants, and other industrial facilities to become smart enterprises. Manufacturers are advancing factories through the use of digital technologies. This feature enables manufacturing managers to model, configure, monitor, and maintain manufacturing processes via simulated interfaces displayed on a digitised screen.

Exiatec is well-known for assisting large industrial facilities in transforming their organisational cultures in order to facilitate efficient digitization. Our manufacturing software suites are meticulously developed to assist your factories in conforming to the new-age digital factory profile. Exiatec enables your manufacturing plants to rapidly turn into futuristic, agile manufacturing facilities following solution deployment. Connect with our team to learn about the digital-factory-friendly solutions you can implement to leverage the benefits of digital technology and boost your organization’s efforts to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Benefits of Digital Factory

Our Digital Factory-enhanced Solutions

Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager enables your asset managers to centrally manage, monitor, manage, and maintain the AGV swarms in your manufacturing plants.

Through simulated interfaces, this solution enables your managers to control the sensor networks in your IIoT-enabled plants. You can leverage real-time data collection and cutting-edge security measures.

Allow Exiatec to assist you in acquiring incredible managerial and administrative capabilities through the digitization of your warehouses. Exiatec WMS 4.0 may be integrated onto your IT infrastructure to optimise warehouse operations.

Manipulate a digital twin of your manufacturing system to get granular visibility, track and trace precise statuses of your factory's entire or partial production lines, and raise your factory to its optimal state.

Utilize the digitised interface enabled by Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower to manage and monitor the real-time status of your supply chain and logistics networks and to make profitable product distribution decisions.

Accomplish more with less by equipping this authentic Exiatec product to optimise the operability of your digital factories and to proactively identify underlying causes of adverse factory behaviour.

Allow our premium solutions to automate your efforts and improve your business.