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Exiatec’s Integrated Intelligent Roadway System

By equipping the most competent Intelligent Asset Management and Risk Management Solution with Exiatec, you may overcome any failures of your road asset conditions, including roads, bridges, culverts, sidewalks, drains and gullies, street furniture, footways, signs, car parks, and more. Exiatec Integrated Smart Road System is well-known among professional road asset practitioners because it guarantees a 10% reduction in road asset costs. For the first time in Malaysia, it houses world-leading satellite analytics features.

Roads with a total length of more than 120,000 km were inspected for condition.

Start with IIoT-powered Inspection Equipment Fleets, Visual and Laser Analytics Systems, and 3D reproductions of actual road asset conditions to automate your end-to-end road asset inspection procedures.

Outstanding Visual Capabilities

Get intuitive real-time smart monitoring of your road condition metrics including surface condition index, pavement condition index, cracks, potholes, depressions, ravelling, depressions, ruttings rates, and more.

Analyses of Impact Using Satellite-Based Data

Use cutting-edge simulation techniques to assess your road infrastructure's resilience and stability in the face of impending landslide disasters anticipated by satellite data analytics tools.

Why do you need the Exiatec Integrated Smart Road System?

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Road System paves the way for directors, maintenance engineers, and asset managers in transportation utility services by enabling establishments to capitalise on data transparently and convert it into actionable insights that enable smart risk, cost, and performance management of road assets.

By leveraging our unique Smart Road Solution, they may leverage investment scenario analysis tools, degradation models, visual data analytics tools powered by IIoT-enabled laser and CCTV data, out-of-the-box visualisation tools, and a slew of other exciting technology features.

 With smart visual data analytics capabilities, mitigate unplanned hazards, breakdowns, and degeneration of roads spanning over 120,000 kilometres and valued at over 800 million dollars. 

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Road System integrates cutting-edge technology solutions enabled by industry 4.0-recognized technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, simulation, predictive and prescriptive analytics, IIoT sensor systems, and satellite data analytics to optimise road asset monitoring, inspection, maintenance, and management through a single pane of glass. The following are some of the standout characteristics of this must-see Smart Road Asset Solution.

Algorithms for Machine Learning That Have Been Proven in the Field

This solution incorporates intelligent AI models that exhibit notable statistics such as criticality levels, unfavourable parametric readings, and the remaining useful life of road infrastructure, among others.

City-Wide Perspectives on a Single Screen

The interactive GIS Maps, powered by robust ArcGIS interfaces and enhanced by Satellite Data Analytics tools, provide a rich and intuitive visual representation of approaching landslides.

Visual Analysis of Roads

Using visual analytics tools, this system enables asset managers to extract video recordings from cloud platforms and automate asset diagnosis and quantification of condition criteria.

Predictive Tools Powered by AI

Utilize data-driven asset risk trend analysis to forecast risks, failures, hazardous climatic impacts, and degradation levels that affect the health of your road asset conditions.

Recommendations That Are Prescriptive

This system may make asset risk, cost, and performance management recommendations to ensure that essential road assets are maintained and refurbished on schedule.

Intelligent Fleets Powered by the IIoT

The intelligent remote CCTV and laser equipment driven by IIoT networks enables your road inspectors to quickly and accurately check road surface and pavement damage.

Protocols for Data Security That Are Reliable

Secure sensitive asset data, insights, and KPI information in a simple manner using cloud-based backup services, encryption technology, data privatisation, and other security standards.

Technology for Road Risk Management

Predict and avoid a variety of risks, failures, hazardous climate impacts, and degradation levels that could threaten the health of your road assets.

Technology for Road Twins

The accurate digital twins of your road assets will enable asset managers to monitor structural, operational, and environmental statistics going all the way back to the origins of asset deployment.

With Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Road System, rely on cutting edge satellite data analytics to prepare for incoming landslides

Why should you choose Exiatec’s Integrated Intelligent Smart Road System?

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Road System tracks everything that affects the status of your road infrastructure, guaranteeing that your asset management efforts automatically adhere to ISO 15000 requirements. Implement this solution in your road utility service centre to reap a variety of benefits, including more inventive investments, faster asset decision-making, more dependable asset utilisation, and more aggressive asset risk prevention tactics.

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Road System: How does It work?

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Road System is a collection of asset technologies that overcomes all of the disadvantages associated with managing, monitoring, and maintaining ageing road assets in order to stabilise their performance, eliminate risks, and reduce costs through actionable financial insights. Discover the system’s sophisticated technological developments and discover why Exiatec Integrated Smart Road System is the industry’s leading intelligent asset solution for industrial roads.

Algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that depict road usability rates, criticality levels, remaining lifetime, and forecast road dangers and decay, so refuting the myth of random road condition failures.
Capitalize road engineering prescriptions in order to calibrate roadways depending on real road lengths of service and climatic changes.
Advanced analytics systems that identify road deterioration and adverse occurrences and visually depict them in customizable road asset timelines.
Dynamic weather, traffic, and environmental variables can all be simulated on a virtual platform to provide realistic road asset maintenance insights.
Insightful data-driven visualisation of oncoming landslides produced using Satellite Data Analytic tools.
This solution integrates seamlessly into even the most complex IT environments

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