Exiatec Technology


Increase the functionality of your AGV swarms while consuming less time, money, and managerial effort.

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are intelligent vehicles that can navigate themselves along a route using cameras, lasers, radio waves, or magnets. Having AGV-equipped production warehousing and distribution facilities has become a necessary industrial upgrade for modern manufacturing behemoths. With the growing demand for auto-guided in-house transportation systems in the industrial industry, the importance of AGV management and maintenance software solutions cannot be overstated.

Exiatec, your most trusted premium industrial software solution enabler, creates turnkey solutions to meet the unique requirements of your high-density AGV-dependent warehouses, allowing them to seamlessly interface with AGV fleets. We’ve been able to develop AGV management modules and solutions for a variety of warehouse and manufacturing companies, allowing them to achieve optimal resource and inventory mobility. Contact us to find out how you may use a centralised digital control unit to manage your large AGV spreads through a single glass pane.

Benefits of AGV

Our AGV-enhanced solutions

Allow your busy factories to host over 1000 AGVs while Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager handles the heavy lifting. Asset managers can use this solution to scalably manage, maintain, and direct asset spreads from a single screen.

Your asset managers can utilise Exiatec's proprietary Warehouse Management Software to control and employ your warehouse's in-house AGV equipment to easily streamline warehousing and distribution centre activities.

Allow our premium solutions to revolutionise your business by automating your efforts.