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Exiatec Cloud Transformation

Exiatec Cloud Transformation, the best data migration solution of the modern age, allows your cloud-driven data networks to migrate data from the cloud to target end-points quickly, easily, and precisely. All cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Webservices, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and others, consistently support this approach. This solution is the not-to-be-missed data solution for your firm, with the best WAN data transferring services backed by multi-pathing, encrypting, and compressing tools.

Superior Data Replication Tools

This solution comes with real-time, user-friendly data replication tools that can be easily synchronised, consolidated, distributed, and consumed when moving data from one platform to another, such as the cloud to numerous targets.

At its best, cloud analytics

Load data from the cloud into data warehouses, RDBMS, data lakes, and your Hadoop platform in a secure and simple manner. Your input can now be moved in real time to cloud analytics tools on any cloud platform.

Critical Reporting

This system comes with unique real-time reporting and live query offloading features. It contains scalable data analytics and business intelligence solutions that have no impact on the quality of your output. It enables your data engineers and analysts to create rich reports for decision-making stakeholders using live replicates.

Why is Exiatec Cloud Transformation required?

With data serving as the cornerstone for new-age industrial facilities, most businesses have found that adopting cloud services is the most cost-effective upgrade among other options. In most industries, it is clear that cloud-based businesses have an advantage.

Transferring data to and from the cloud, on the other hand, is handled by IT professionals, right? Not any longer! Exiatec Cloud Transformation is a solution that includes tools, protocols, and applications that enable anyone in your organisation to use a graphical user interface to quickly transfer mission-critical data sets or workloads to their desired destinations.

With confidence, the transition from on-premises data management to cloud-based data management, and let Exiatec Cloud Transformation handle your data related difficulties. 

Exiatec Cloud Transformation keeps you up to date and agile with intelligent live data migrations that help your company thrive in a data-driven culture. It contains cutting-edge technological tools and features that enable it to be the most Industry 4.0-compliant data migration solution. Even in the most complex data settings, this solution delivers the greatest cloud-optimized data transferring and replication solutions. The following are some of the reasons why Exiatec Cloud Transformation is the ideal Cloud Data Migration tool for your business.
Control Screens for Data Migration

Instead of depending on hand-coded process execution, use simple and user-friendly data migration panels with a flexible and intuitive GUI to easily set up sources, targets, and data migration structures.

Migrations without the use of servers

Because it is an open-source CDC platform that is superior than servers in terms of reliability, cost-efficiency, performance, security, scalability, and operational excellence, this solution does not require home migration servers to load data to other sources.

Tools for Private Networks and Data Encryption

Premium data security tools are included in this solution, ensuring that your data is secure while in-store, on the go, or in transit. It has multiple layers of security to meet all security requirements, including the most strict privacy requirements.

Integration of Any-to-Any

This solution includes a technical connection that allows users to connect and separate any source from any target with only a few clicks or drags and drops. You may now conveniently manage your data migration processes and perform non-disruptive data migrations.

Orchestration of Cloud Workflows in an Automated Manner

Exiatec Cloud Transformation comes with Automated Cloud Workflow Orchestration, which you can build yourself using our dynamic and comprehensive SDK. This programme allows you to synchronise data between your cloud and other data sources and platforms quickly and securely.

Accelerate the migration of data. Step confidently into the new era.

Why do you want to work with Exiatec Cloud Transformation?

This is the best cloud data migration tool on the market, with 100 percent assured optimizations and the simplest deployment due to its ease of setup and serverless nature. Here are some of the most important advantages of using the Exiatec Cloud Transformation Solution to upgrade and automate your cloud data migrations.

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