Exiatec Technology

Multiple protocols and application programming interfaces (APIs)

With us, you may capitalise on your API services and numerous protocols.

By integrating Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Multi-Protocol Data technologies, businesses can achieve maximum operational excellence and data transmission capabilities in data networks. As many industrial organisations have become increasingly reliant on data insights for attaining business goals and capturing competitive advantages, updating data networks to take advantage of multi-protocol and API capabilities is a critical technology update.

Our team meticulously develops Exiatec Software Solutions to adhere to all new-age digital cultural requirements, including API interoperability and multi-protocol support. Numerous APIs and protocols such as JMS, MQTT, AMQP, REST, and OpenMAMA are used to enable our data-handling software packages.

Allow our team to assist you in determining the most appropriate API and protocol set for your data networks. You can benefit from the incredible data networking efficiencies provided by big data, IIoT, predictive analytics, sensor technology, and a variety of other recognised industry 4.0 technologies.

Benefits of Multi-protocols & APIs

Our Solutions are Enhanced by Multi-protocol and APIs

Exiatec Integration Platform is evolved with flawless integrative features that enable data players inside your organisation to leverage APIs and other protocols concurrently and conveniently.

This solution enables data-centric task executors to stretch their event-driven data architectures in order to connect, support, and orchestrate numerous protocols and APIs in order to tackle dynamic data tasks utilising a single scalable platform.

Allow our premium solutions to improve your business by automating your efforts.