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Implement Exiatec MES to help you achieve your strategic production goals.

With Digital Twin Technology and Dynamic Scheduling Tools, Exiatec MES revolutionises data use, allowing you to track and trace your factory-floor processes in real time. When technical breakthroughs continue to grow, so must your manufacturing efficiencies! As a result, use this up-to-date MES solution to configure your MES and unlock the hidden potentials of your manufacturing endeavours by utilising cutting-edge new-age technologies.

Track and Trace in Real Time

A good manufacturer has never underestimated the value of networked real-time data! You can acquire an eagle's eye to track and trace the real-time statuses of user-orchestrated production lines using this solution.

Digital Twin-Enabled

This operating platform is equipped with Digital Twin technology, Proactive Manufacturing Process Trackers, and New-Age Scheduling Systems, all of which help your factories work at their best.

Tools for Dynamic Scheduling

Exiatec MES provides a single solution for monitoring, reorganising, and intelligently scheduling work orders using ultra-modern and data-driven dynamic scheduling technologies.

Why do you need MES?

Premium MES software puts you on the cutting edge of the fourth industrial revolution, allowing you to drive forward with demonstrable benefits and limitless manufacturing possibilities. You can be confident that your manufacturing plants will never fall behind when your MES systems provide exceptional asset forecasting, scheduling, and bespoke dashboarding features. As a result, a good manufacturer will always look to Exiatec MES as a last resort for any factory flaws. Exiatec MES is the pinnacle of manufacturing technology perfection, so discover the next stage of your operational competency.

With Malaysia’s most powerful and intuitive MES system, redefine the meaning and purpose of your production data.

Increase your production and manufacturability at the same time! Exiatec MES is a collection of cutting-edge technologies that may dramatically improve the productivity and effectiveness of your production floors. It enables your production custodians to perform advanced analyses using real-time manufacturing data, allowing for smooth operations and on-time order delivery. Learn how we can help your manufacturing succeed by exploring the capabilities of this cutting-edge MES system.

Synchronization with the Digital Twin is flawless.

Based on your pressing client wants, you can edit a digital model of your factory to re-orchestrate and alter your factory floors to their most suited structures. This solution ensures that you have fewer downtimes and idle moments while getting the most out of your resources.

Following and Tracing

Exiatec MES is based on a next-generation serial control system as well as several system integration platforms. This technical advancement enables your manufacturing managers to track and trace all manufacturing activities, from a single item to your entire supply chain.

Scheduling Without Risk

Exiatec MES has advanced scheduling algorithms that enable smart scheduling tools to flawlessly manage and streamline your production operations. Your work orders will now always be completed on time.

Technology for Augmented and Virtual Reality

By conducting a virtual tour of your factory floor, you may pinpoint production flaws and suboptimal production lines. AR and VR technologies will ensure that your factory avoids costly surprises.

Interconnectivity of multiple machines

With Exiatec MES's IIoT System Management Capacities, you can bring all of your in-house equipment, PLCs, Protocol Machines, and other IT systems into sync. This solution provides a solid foundation for your industrial ecosystems to grow quickly.

Serial Control Updated

This solution includes a fully functional Serial Controller that can track the many serial numbers of your entire system or individual pieces of equipment. Keep track of where your assets are and how well they're being deployed in your factory with updated status data.

Predictive Technologies That Are Reassuring

Your plant equipment and other capital assets can be used until they reach near-zero functions because our MES system monitors their performance and remaining life cycles 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Workforce Mobile Application

To open a terminal for your workforces, you'll need access to a multi-accessible mobile application that runs on Android and IOS. They can utilise this portal to communicate proactively and change or view process statuses. It's also integrated into a knowledge-based platform, similar to Stack Overflow, where your team can easily share skills, knowledge, and experiences in order to avoid future difficulties.

Dashboard for OEE

Allow your managers to use the greatest embedded analytical tools to compute the OEE rates of your factory floors anywhere, at any time, using dynamic, adjustable, and straightforward dashboards.

Management of Workstations

Ensure that all of your workstations are staffed and that they are not stalled. This system can be used to manage hundreds of workstations on your production floor.

How is Exiatec MES interconnecting all data streams into one point?

ERP systems, SAP systems, databases (Netsuite, SAP HANA), Warehouse Management Systems, devices, PLC with numerous protocols, and other systems are all involved in the manufacturing pipeline. The whole supply chain of the production pipeline should be staged on a federated point in order to enable complete MES features as well as track-and-trace capabilities.

Exiatec’s multi-protocol message broker, Exiatec Integration platform, and sophisticated ETL capabilities make federating the manufacturing system easier. Exiatec MES provides superior track-and-trace functionality as well as intra-communication between corporate divisions and numerous facilities.

  • Exiatec MES Schedular is powered by a series of heuristic algorithms that allow it to swiftly devise feasible and optimised scheduling operations while taking into account all key equipment limits, labour working patterns, resource limitations, energy, materials, wastage, and yield.
  • The manual drag and drop functionality in Exiatec MES allows planners to mix the recommended optimum timetable with their own schedule.
  • Scheduling algorithms are designed to maximise production efficiency, save setup time, accommodate complicated changeovers, and handle the growing complexity of processes with agility and precision.

Empower. Organize. Succeed

Why should you pick Exiatec MES?

All of your strategic manufacturing questions have now been answered. With realistic visualisations and a variety of additional technological possibilities, you can get an end-to-end manufacturing floor perspective. Our MES solution can provide you with limitless benefits thanks to comprehensive scheduling modules, big data and machine learning analytics, and world-class visualisation. Only a few advantages include improved manufacturing agility, on-demand adaptability, and cost efficiency. Here are a few advantages that you should not overlook!

Office Address

Sains@USM, Crest Place Block A, Jalan Persisiran Bukit Jambul, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Contact Info

Phone: +60-0125320493 (Afifi, CTO)

Email: support@exiatec.com