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Self-service Exiatec Analytics Powered by AI

Consider a future in which all your data players and decision-makers may gather critical and actionable data streams anywhere and whenever they want! This is the future that Exiatec Self-service AI-powered Analytics will enable you to unleash. This solution intelligently routes data through the use of AI tools to the correct target endpoints of your data network, enabling your data analysts to delve deeper and create detailed success stories from your company data on their own.

A Self-Sustaining Approach

Your staff can easily acquire insights even if they are not data analytics topic specialists. They can create data models utilising AI and machine learning technologies and use rich, interactive, and intuitive dashboards to record, access, view, and analyse data.

The Most Effective Data Governance

This solution includes tools for ensuring the quality, relevance, and timeliness of data as it is routed from source to destination. With the most advanced data governance capabilities, this software lays the groundwork for premium and new-age data analytics.

Rapid Generation of Insight

Due to the fact that this instrument is powered by cutting-edge technology, its proclivity for delivering rapid, accurate, practicable, and profitable insights is quite high. All bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your company's analytics skills are eliminated as you outperform the competition through agility, leadership, and technological ability.

Why is Exiatec Self-service AI-powered Analytics required?
To remain competitive in your industry, you must possess agile, accurate, and confident decision-making qualities. This means that you must have a greater sense of self-reliance in order to implement a solution independently and acquire insights in seconds, not minutes. Exiatec Self-service AI-enabled Analytics enables your data engineers and analysts to leverage machine learning models powered by AI technology to unlock limitless data discoveries and achieve the highest level of data literacy possible in a data-driven culture.

Empower yourself with cutting-edge technologies and rely on your own ability to narrate larger success tales. 

By organising and managing data to contribute to deep decision making, you may weigh the best insights and share the most proficient insights with your stakeholders using real-time current data analytics technologies. Here are a some of the genuine technical advances that have helped to elevate Exiatec Self-service AI-powered Analytics to the top of its class.
Sources of Data That Have Been Authorized and Vetted

Due to the fact that data is kept in a variety of different locations (clouds, SAPs, Files, RDBMS, and mainframes, among others), any self-analytics solution must include an integration platform. This solution can be used in conjunction with other Exiatec products, such as the Exiatec Integration Platform and Exiatec Data Streaming, to improve data management and integration.

Apps and Reports That Are Customizable

You can tailor your own apps and electronic analysis reports to your specific needs and share them instantly with your target stakeholders. This solution enables you to easily construct, design, and publish your own mobile-responsive portals for decision-makers to visit.

Cataloguing of Data

Additionally, this solution may be connected with 'Exiatec Data Catalog,' a smart index that maintains your actionable and insight-ready datasets using an in-memory data cataloguing engine. With improved data organisation, ease of access, and visibility into data linkages, you can generate valuable insights faster than ever before.

Tools for maintaining the quality of data

Your decision-makers can devote their efforts to identifying accessible smart options, as they are not constrained by the reliability of data. Unlock risk-free and painless expression libraries and intelligent data governance tools to safeguard the quality of your corporate data.

A Comprehensive Examination of Business Intelligence

This solution is enhanced by the inclusion of a smart business intelligence evaluation checklist powered by AI technology. This checklist enables your firm to select the most appropriate analytics solution based on the quality, duration, criticality, and structure of your event.

Intelligent Data Storage Devices

Store your data in intelligent data storage systems that are armed with current tools that enable them to deal with company data with precision, relatability, and in real time. Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager and Exiatec Data Lake Manager ensure that actionable data is intelligently stored and distributed across your IT infrastructure when required by your data analysts.

Analytics that is self-sufficient and advanced. Decisions that are agile.

Why should you pick Exiatec’s self-service AI-powered analytics platform?

This solution is simply the most contemporary and enterprise-ready software solution available for businesses attempting to succeed in a data-driven culture. Due to the increasing reliance on smart data discoveries and agile decision making by many businesses (and soon all businesses), Exiatec Self-service AI-powered Analytics is a must-have upgrade to your IT infrastructure. The following are a few reasons why.

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