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Big Data

Redesign your industrial initiatives to tell data-driven success stories.

Massive amounts of data continue to accumulate from an unlimited number of sources, and practically every industrial sector uses Big Data to analyse crucial consequences and make essential goal-oriented decisions. The wealth of data produced from Big Data may be analysed to make profitable decisions—but only with the correct tools.

Exiatec delivers intelligent solutions that leverage Big Data based on the data demands and requirements stated by the user. Our data-tackling tools filter, standardise, and federate convoluted data structures, enabling your data players to leverage modern technology and novel solutions to extract relevant data insights. You can reach out to our team to learn more about how our solutions are enhanced with data management, cleansing, and security capabilities.

Almost all businesses will rely on Big Data in the near future, and with the correct technical updates, your business can gain a competitive edge through new managerial and administrative tactics, authentic client-centric services, and clever marketing initiatives.

Benefits of Big Data

Our Big Data-enhanced Solutions

Using straightforward data governance tools, standardise and catalogue your data repositories. Exiatec Enterprise Data Catalog instantly delivers filtered and processed data in response to end-user requests.

Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager is a multi-connected data repository that collects and centralises data from different sources in order to accelerate the success of certain efforts.

This Big Data solution enables lightning-fast analytics and agile data intake. It enables your decision-makers to rapidly acquire ready-to-use data through the use of intelligent data infrastructure frames.

Utilize required Hadoop services through the use of an intelligent, user-friendly, and efficient Big Data Hadoop Manager. It stores enterprise data and migrates it to the Hadoop Platform as needed by your company's data analysts.

This technology incorporates predictive models that connect asset maintenance capabilities with anticipated asset faults, hence minimising system downtime.

Exiatec's Asset Risk Prediction System leverages Big Data to forecast and analyse upcoming asset-centric failures, delays, and hazards in order to facilitate resourceful and intelligent asset decision-making.

Allow our premium solutions to improve your business by automating your efforts.