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Integrated Smart Waste Water System by Exiatec

Are your wastewater asset managers having difficulty anticipating, isolating, and avoiding expansive wastewater system asset failures? Utilize an integrated Smart Wastewater Asset Solution to track, trace, and maintain your gravity mains, stormwater drainage systems, and other networks from collection to pumping, treatment, and reuse. Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Wastewater System guarantees a 10% reduction in infrastructure maintenance costs without requiring a change in your present asset expenditure culture and reduces the duration of pipe inspections from months to a few minutes.

Inspections of Wastewater Collection Pipes Powered by the Internet of Things

Utilize completely automated IIoT-driven CCTV and laser technology to monitor sludge production rates, structural deterioration, and operational impediments in your wastewater collection pipes.

The First Reliable Visual Analytics Tool in Malaysia

Exiatec's Integrated Smart Wastewater System efficiently assesses pipe condition using intelligent visual and data analytics algorithms.

10% Maintenance Cost Savings

Make educated and cost-effective asset decisions by isolating key assets prior to failure and optimising capital expenditure by 10% with no additional investment.

Why is the Exiatec Integrated Smart Wastewater System required?

Are you having difficulty developing correct and legitimate wastewater infrastructure management investment strategies? Are your asset managers rigorous about maintaining and refurbishing wastewater pipelines, equipment, and infrastructure? Exiatec’s patented Smart Wastewater Asset Solution helps relieve your asset managers of these obligations.

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Wastewater System is a comprehensive, unique wastewater asset solution that includes AI-driven various budget scenario analysis tools that provide comprehensive asset investment profiles with financial insights for the next decade.

Exiatec’s IIoT-enabled Smart CCTV and Laser Fleets have raised the bar for pipe condition inspection standards by providing faster insights and making more informed judgements. 

Exiatec Integrated Smart Wastewater System is a next-generation technology suite that allows event-driven technical assistance for wastewater utility asset management. One of the most impressive features is our simulation platform, which enables asset managers to model adverse weather conditions and diagnose the resilience, stability, and operating levels of wastewater infrastructure with ease. The solution’s advanced capabilities enable you to improve and safeguard pipe conditions, mitigate pipe inspection setbacks, and make more informed and cost-effective decisions. The following are the most intriguing characteristics of our solution.

Technology for Inspection of Wastewater Pipes

By automating the end-to-end wastewater inspection operations, including automated CCTV analysis, you can overcome all of the restrictions associated with in-person pipe inspection efforts.

Technology for Pump Calibration

Calibrate your pumping stations based on wastewater inflow rates and effortlessly reach operational targets.

Technology for Treatment Integrity

Ascertain that your treatment processes always maintain the required water quality and quantity standards.

Tools for Immersive Monitoring

Three-dimensional/2-dimensional models that depict the precise structural and operational status of wastewater systems elevate asset monitoring standards to opulent levels.

Technology of Simulation

Simulate specific infrastructure events such as floods, hurricanes, and situations with increased wastewater intake using interactive parametric scale control panels to explore pipe conditions under various scenarios.

ArcGIS Interfaces at the City-Scale

Utilize intelligent ArcGIS interfaces to obtain an aerial picture of your wastewater operations through a single glass pane.

Fleets propelled forward by the IIoT

Control and manage your fleets of asset inspection and monitoring equipment via a centralised platform that enables rapid asset data collection.

Budgeting and Investment Management Instruments

Gain insight into your establishment's financial viability over the next decade in order to invest in and support asset upkeep, replacement, and refurbishment.

The First Intelligent Dashboard

Utilize the at-a-glance dashboards that depict all asset operations, deterioration, and prediction data, beginning with wastewater collection and ending with your reuse facilities.

Confident interventions with your wastewater asset spread start here with Exiatec Integrated Smart waterwaste System.

Why should you choose Exiatec’s Integrated Intelligent Wastewater System?

Exiatec’s Integrated Smart Wastewater System delivers in cost savings, increased asset performance, and the elimination of all asset hazards through intelligent technology-driven insights. The following are some of the primary benefits that your municipality, city council, or other wastewater utility service enabler can leverage to seamlessly modernise and innovate your wastewater asset deployment.

Exiatec Integrated Smart Wastewater System: How Does it Work?

The Exiatec Integrated Smart Wastewater System is the result of collaborative efforts between information technology specialists, industry 4.0 practitioners, and field engineers. It employs cutting-edge technology to offer exquisite asset solutions for your elastic wastewater systems, ensuring success in every decision you make about asset management, maintenance, and prediction.

Initiatives for Automated Wastewater Asset Maintenance
Simulation Technologies that Have Been Proven in Combat
Superior visual sharpness, lag-free execution, and superior interactivity
Integrations with existing IT infrastructure are an ease
AI and Machine Learning Models That Are Impenetrable
3D reproductions of capital assets in real time
Flood and storm prediction using satellite data
Consistent IIoT-enabled asset data actions
For asset inspection, visual and laser data analytics are used.
Tools for Calibration of Wastewater Infrastructure Design

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