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Exiatec Enterprise MLOps is Malaysia’s unmatched enterprise-scale MLOps solution. This solution is designed to optimise, streamline, and enforce information technology architectures in order to meet the requirements for competent machine learning model product ionisation. This enables this solution to provide an enhanced framework for facilitating machine learning pipelines in order to streamline third-party and AWS machine learning services. Your data specialists can use this solution to maintain your machine learning models collaboratively in order to extend MLOps and data science processes across your organisation.

Universal Applicability of Machine Learning Models for Propriety

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps enables data practitioners to deploy proprietary machine learning models at any point within the enterprise's information technology environment. They can be used on-premises or through public, private, or hybrid clouds.

There will be no language lock-ins.

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps is pre-integrated with Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Tableau. Additionally, it enables competent functions regardless of the library or open-source language used, and it propels the development of enhanced predictive insight through the use of REST APIs.

Lifecycle Management of a Model Without Humans

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps eliminates the need for expert help for continuous production diagnostics, health monitoring, and model optimization; it inherits long-term learning capabilities and computer-based model evaluation tools.

Why is the Exiatec Enterprise MLOps required?

Practitioners of data-centric practises are continually urged to rely on technical data manipulation and computations in the modern day. Thus, the majority of data users devote significant time, money, and effort in training machine learning models and deploying them more quickly and effectively.

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps enables your data players to deliver vital data-driven insights in the promise of Big Data and AI through faster distributed frameworks. It serves as a comprehensive, DevOps-enabled turnkey solution for strategizing and implementing an MLOps roadmap based on your individual data requirements.

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps enables you to scale your MLOps streams

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps guarantees that AI and machine learning principles are adhered to by transforming feature engineering logic and data science models into intelligent, intuitive, and laggard-free AI-based apps capable of tackling real-world enterprise-grade data. From the design of machine learning models to their preparation, integration, governance, deployment, and testing, this solution will provide superior functionality for all machine learning model-related tasks. Here are a few elements that your data-driven organisation cannot afford to overlook.

Technology for Data Cleansing

Our unique data purification tools will cleanse and impute null values, missing fields, and other structures, unstructured or semi-structured low-quality data.

Monitoring and Governance Instruments

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps allows continuous machine learning model monitoring, governance, and diagnostics tools that detect any drifts, inaccuracies, or turbulence in machine learning models via AutoML technology.

Online Machine Learning Service Enabler

This approach makes it much too simple and self-sufficient to deploy machine learning models; it permits the uninterrupted execution of interconnected services.

Calibration of a machine learning pipeline in real time

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps facilitates the development of containerized, NoSQL microservices for data gathering and preparation in preparation for real-time AI and machine learning practises.

Catalogs of Intelligent Data

Collect and prepare your company's data using our solution's inbuilt data catalogues for serialised standardisation of data collected from different sources throughout your system.

Platforms for Collecting Machine Learning Data

Your organization's data practitioners can utilise this platform to collaborate on feature engineering and exploratory data analysis in order to automate data collecting operations.

Within a single click, transform your firm into a machine learning and deep learning-friendly organisation.

Why should Exiatec Enterprise MLOps be chosen?

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps enables your organisations’ DevOps and Data Players to collaborate in a single effort. With Exiatec Enterprise DevOps, you can replace manual labor-intensive high-impact machine learning modelling methods with interactive, quicker, and more user-friendly machine learning modelling activities. The following are some of the significant benefits that the solution provides to data-driven enterprise cultures worldwide.

Exiatec Enterprise MLOps in what manner?

Exiatec Company MLOps includes all of the technical elements needed to manage end-to-end model lifetimes, from modelling to training, in order to scale adoption for specific enterprise needs. This solution exceeds alternative MLOps solutions in the market with the best model versioning, monitoring, governance, discovery, parameterisation, and data realisation.

Production of machine learning in a self-contained setting
Microservices using stream processing, containerization, and NoSQL databases
Allow machine learning intelligence to trigger on its own during specified events.
Technologies for machine learning model training, validation, evaluation, and testing
From the catalogue to training, ML optimization tools are being used.
Allows for the creation and integration of corporate data CI/CD.
Uses self-contained data tools to ensure consistent and uninterrupted delivery.
Technology that combines AI and machine learning with DevOps methods
Technology for storing data in columns

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