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Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager

Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager works with any vehicle model manufactured by a vendor. Organize and connect 1000+ AGVs into a well-coordinated and intelligently customizable swarm of IoT devices with the best traffic control capabilities. By deploying intuitive dashboards and AI models to enable suitable and intelligent fleet layouts for your shop floor, you can centrally control all of your miscellaneous intralogistics vehicles.

1000+ Robots Simulated in Synchrony

With this system, your plant manager may manage and maintain 1000+ AGVs at the same time. It is made possible by IIoT technology, which allows you to operate all of your moveable assets from a single virtual dome.

Frameworks that are dynamic - for a single vehicle or numerous fleets

Have back-to-back visibility of your AGV's energy consumption and performance on a scaled and realistic dashboard.

A Methodical Approach

Optimize and implement a shared platform for controlling AGV fleet navigation. It has a programmable server-client architecture that can handle a variety of fleet events.

Why do you require the services of an AGV Fleet Manager?

AGV Fleet controlling tean can use a scalable and multi-featured interface to easily handle all moving equipment to meet plant-wide operational excellence by using an AGV Fleet Manager that is powere by modern, new-age technology.

This is why, in terms of technical and practical feasibility and simplicity, most Smart Manufacturing Plant and Warehouse supervisors throughout the world consider Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager to be the best of its kind. 

Take the lead in your industry by manoeuvring your AGV fleets to boost and maintain your company’s finest ROI rates

Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager is the best Fleet Manager for operational and management capabilities that can be placed in a manufacturing environment. You can use this solution to route and plan your factory layouts, as well as direct a large number of AGVs to their intended destinations. Here are some of our AGV Fleet Manager’s most unique features.
Platforms Simulated for Increased Visibility

Use simulations technology to see process progressions and AGV navigations in real-time, so you can rely on your operations from beginning to end. This solution provides your managers with access to a fully scalable fleet operations platform.

On-site AGV Traffic Control in Real Time

Regardless of the complexity or machine-crowding in your warehouses and distribution centres, Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager is capable of controlling your traffic and AGV fleets. It will make use of smart navigational technologies to highlight alternate choices for increasing your fleet's operational efficiency.

The Most Vigorous AGV Maintenance Models

With the greatest predictive maintenance AI models housed in this solution, you can keep track of the maintenance routines of your massive AGV swarms. The battery state and performance of your assets may be monitored in real time and kept at near-zero levels of usage.

Schedules Determined by Priority

A user-friendly process scheduling tool is included in Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager, and it can be prioritised. With a few taps and swipes on your mobile devices, realign your AGV swarms to meet essential order needs first.

Systems of Proactive Triggers

With the proactive trigger system, you can keep track of your fleet process deviations in real time; clever AI models will constantly monitor your fleet operations and warn your management and maintenance staff proactively if there is a system defect or suboptimal performance.

Protocols for Assured Security

Our AGV Fleet Management System Solution is designed with high-tech security features that will maintain all operations and device usages of a single device to devices in a department to overall devices in a single swipe. It also has safety etiquette checkers for device users, which are driven by laser and sensor technology.

Hundreds of AGVs. One Supercharged Controller.

Why do you want to use Exiatec’s AGV Fleet Manager?

Using a world-class AGV Fleet Manager, improve the navigation of your industrial sites’ mobility equipment. This robotic solution is the next important step in bettering your autonomous vehicle control and logistical capabilities. Scale up your technological prowess to reduce the complications of managing AGV spreads across your production facilities. See how Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager may help your business.

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