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Bringing realism to your fingers

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two significant ultra-modern digital developments that have achieved widespread industrial attention for their incredible simulation capabilities. Virtual reality technology offers an engrossing simulated virtual experience in which users interact with artificial worlds in order to accomplish certain goals and objectives. By contrast, augmented reality technology enables users to superimpose virtual content on real-world environments in order to perform user-defined tasks and actions.

Exiatec enables immersive and self-contained user experiences for businesses that utilise our unique software suites, since our solutions incorporate powerful simulated visibilities. Exiatec’s modernistic solutions are distinguished by flashier user experiences enabled by augmented and virtual reality, providing your managers and decision-makers with easily adaptable and interactive visualisations to conduct monitoring and decision-making activities in an agile and stress-free manner. You can collaborate with Exiatec to leverage these capabilities to enhance your customised high-tech solutions and gain firsthand knowledge with industry 4.0’s cutting-edge visualisation standards.

Benefits of AR & VR

Our Solutions are enhanced by augmented reality and virtual reality

Utilize Exiatec AGV Fleet Manager's augmented and virtual reality capabilities to obtain back-to-back information and troubleshoot all of your industrial equipment independently.

Utilize the AR and VR features of Exiatec MES 4.0 to create realistic and up-to-date visualisations of your manufacturing floors and to deploy your operations to maximise productivity.

Utilize our Warehouse Management System's AR and VR technology to track the progress of in-house warehouse chores and capitalise on real-time warehouse data to optimise your company storage facilities.

Allow our premium solutions to improve your business by automating your efforts.