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Warehouse Management System 4.0

Exiatec’s warehouse management system (WMS) 4.0 sets a new standard for warehouse automation and functionality. Effective information systems can be installed in your warehouses and distribution centres. This technology monitors and controls material flows and expenses in real time. It provides a simple monitoring tool with interactive dashboards that enables you to monitor and adjust the pathways taken by your remote machines and equipment to optimise your logistics and storage capacity.

AGV and UAV Onboard Control System

Manage your warehouses and repositories effectively and efficiently through a single glass pane, utilising customised management systems that correspond to cutting-edge industrial standards.

Management of Warehouses and Logistics in a Streamlined Manner

Your warehouse custodians can manage your inventory cooperatively and cost effectively, enabling the highest levels of intralogistics efficiency and connectivity.

Reports & Alerts in Real-Time

Utilize your storage space efficiently and expedite the flow of goods to get more control over your logistics chains by implementing precise and intelligent trigger systems that provide warehouse status information via alerts and detailed statistics.

Why is WMS 4.0 required?
Exiatec’s intelligent WMS 4.0 system is extremely adaptable, from raw material storage through the allocation of finished items and other deliverables. Once you’ve connected all of your departments’ systems to this solution, you’ll gain corporate-wide insight and information that you can use to easily assess your warehouse and logistics performance. This solution is unsurpassed in terms of compatibility with advanced technology and adaptability to diverse company cultures.

Exiatec WMS 4.0 enables you to experience the efficiency of tomorrow’s warehouses today.

This comprehensive and modern warehouse management system inherits a series of cutting-edge technology advancements that transform your warehouses and logistics centres into efficient, flexible, and resourceful operations at every point of the logistics and value chains. Your business will never have to say no to a customer because efficient inventory, supply chain, and logistics management will ensure that demands are always met. The following are only a few of the features offered in Exiatec WMS 4.0 that will aid your organisation in managing a Smart Warehouse.

Increase interconnectivity through our APIs

Our solution offers clever APIs that enable central hubs to ease data transfers between your warehouse IoT devices; as a consequence, you can operate your AGVs and UAVs from a single platform.

Compatibility of Machine Protocols

This system supports all major machine protocols, including OPC UA, MQTT, and AMQP, and can be customised to interact with a wide number of databases, data sources, and data streams, including Netsuite, Oracle, SAP, Hive, MySQL, and MS SQL.

Tools for Creating Intelligent Layouts

Configure your warehouse layouts based on the importance of your orders and requirements. The layout of your storage facility may be visualised via interactive dashboards, which can be used to realign the paths taken by your AGVs and UAVs to make them more efficient and smooth.

The New Age's Process Scheduling Tools

Now, you may schedule your storage and logistics operations in accordance with the requirements of your business clients. Prioritize stock storage by allocating mobile equipment according to the optimal order scheduling requirements.

Integrated Billing Systems

This solution enables the construction of invoice templates in a range of different formats that may be generated automatically in response to each client transaction. Invoices may include minute details such as shipment statuses, durations, and the names of involved staff members, all of which contribute to the establishment of a strong rapport with your clients.

Monitors of Task Status

Exiatec WMS 4.0's visualization dashboards enable warehouse managers to monitor the progress of all end-to-end procedures performed on the warehouse floor in real time. Additionally, you can use these uncomplicated dashboards to ascertain the disparity between your warehouse's real and anticipated performance.

WMS Communication Across the Board

Exiatec WMS 4.0 supports real-time connection with PLCs, WCSs, AGVs, UAVs, robots, palletisers, and databases, among other warehouse ecosystem components, to ensure efficient and successful warehouse operations.

Flexible in terms of configuration, scalability, and adaptability.

Why should you select Exiatec WMS 4.0?

Exiatec’s innovative WMS solution is recognised as the easiest, most adaptable, and fully-featured warehouse management system of the modern era by forward-thinking warehouse managers of successful enterprises. The complex features and links to new technologies in Exiatec WMS 4.0 provide a plethora of new benefits and advantages that you cannot afford to neglect when it comes to accelerating your warehousing and logistics system. The following are only a few of Exiatec WMS 4.0’s various advantages.

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