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PLC & Instrumentations Setup

We install numerous types of PLCs in your smart factory to automate the full suite of MES activities, including Simentic, Allen Bradley, Melsec, and others.

Instrumentation Teams That Are Responsive

Extremely responsive to your specific service needs. Attentive to in-person and online real-time adjustments to ensure that your manufacturing systems are resilient to faults.

Cost Savings Over the Long Run

Exiatec provides tech-based advice and enhancements to your manufacturing organisation, resulting in cost-related benefits in your automated manufacturing systems.

Virtualisation in the Future

Exiatec provides the best hardware and software solutions for enhanced control performance via virtualised interfaces, allowing you to decrease hardware requirements while increasing system viability and dependability.

Why do you need PLC & Instrumentations setup?

Integrating PLC, PAC, and Dedicated Controllers to other components of your instrumentation systems to achieve high-quality outputs with 100 percent completion is not a task to be taken lightly. Failure to meet your particular production processes needs might result in the waste of a lot of valuable resources, time, and effort.

Exiatec PLC & Instrumentations ensures that your production system is simply an amalgamation of the best technologies and the finest hardware devices that are tailored to your company’s operational, financial, and time-sensitive requirements.

Outstanding Diagnosis, Overhaul, and Verification Standards for Turnkey Instrumentation Services

Exiatec PLC & Instrumentation Services provides a full range of services, including software and hardware system calibration and design, system analysis, control panel assembly, testing, installation, and commissioning. Exiatec’s full-range instrumentation and PLC services make system implementation faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient than ever before.

Increased Integrity and Security

The systems we design will include SIS, BMS, ESD, HIPPS, and other system integration, security, and privatisation technologies.

Design and Deployment of Control Panels

We offer the necessary assistance in executing control services with the best PLC and PAC controllers, ensuring smart control systems for automated industrial systems.

Diagnosis of Vibrations in Devices

We have IIoT-enabled vibration sensors with AI-driven algorithms that track and anticipate device failures based on vibration patterns.

Guidance on Equipment Specification

We assist in the selection of the best equipment to meet unique technical and economical needs as specialists in instrumentation systems and PLC.

Engineering Services That Are Extraordinary

To ensure that systems are not misused, we provide P&ID input portals, indexes, reviews, datasheets, and inline instrument sizing tools.

Commissioning Services for Installations

Before you invest in deployment services, we make sure the installation is eligible to be housed in your plants and factories.

Network Architectures That Are Optimized

Preliminary system design changes with innovative and remote IO systems advanced with centralised control units to meet control network needs.

Acceptance Test of the Site

Pre- and post-deployment tests to check that your site is compatible with the control and instrumentation packages we provide.

Data Privacy and Security Protocols

Equip clever high-end data security alert systems with best-in-class security procedures and backup technologies to safeguard data from being tampered with.

Ensure that your Manufacturing Systems are embedded with Prospective and Failure-proof Control Systems  

Why should you choose an Exiatec PLC & Instrumentation configuration?

With our Exiatec PLC & Instrumentations Service initiative, our client manufacturing firms may have a single point of contact for technological services and goods. Here are some of the most essential and notable Exiatec PLC & Instrumentations perks that your firm may use to digitise, modernise, and optimise your end-to-end production systems.

How is the Exiatec PLC & Instrumentation system configured?

Exiatec Integrated Smart Water System is developed in actual water scenarios to improve overall asset performance and meet OEE standards. It optimises asset management efforts of your water systems with intricate futuristic asset control, maintenance, and configuration strategies using dynamic-event simulation tools, AI-powered ML models, digital twin technology, and a range of out-of-the-box technologies.

A Shutdown Key that is specific to your systems
Detailed cause-and-effect diagrams
DCS & SCADA services that are comprehensive
Smart Alarms and Set Points for Crisis Management
Fault Tree Analysis, HAZOP, and SIL Analysis are all possible.
Instrumentation and PLC condition diagnosis tools enabled by the IIoT
Fiber panels that have been pre-planned for optimal routing
Estimating Costs and Conducting Feasibility Studies

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