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Many businesses view managing and capitalising on Data Lakes as a complex, daunting, and time-consuming undertaking, and incorrectly believe that data actions in the lake require IT professionals. However, Exiatec Data Lake Manager enables your data users to manage Data Lakes independently, allowing them to readily access accurate, successful, trustworthy, and actionable datasets for fine business analytics.

Implementation Without the Use of Code

Your organisation can deploy dependable Data Lakes in days, not months, and tailor its structure to enable agile insight production from governed and precise transactional data harvesting.

Pipeline Creation and Deployment Made Simple

The data scientist at your firm can use this solution to intuitively develop and implement data pipelines for extracting insightful data and maximising the ROI on existing data lakes.

Data Lake on a Segmented Scale

The Data Lakes' primary functions: data ingest, data querying, and analysis are all carried out in isolated zones rather than in a tangled and shared area. This is the optimal strategy for resolving data handling constraints.

Why is Exiatec Data Lake Manager required?

The majority of businesses – and soon, ‘all businesses’ – are driven by data analytics to uncover hidden opportunities and capabilities in order to remain unmatched in the digital age. With data-centric technologies such as AI and Data Analytics pushing businesses toward more advanced and future-proof developments, the necessity for managing Data Lakes has increased in many corporations, but the methods for managing such Data Lakes have proven to be quite difficult.

This is why many industrial data practitioners rely on Exiatec Data Lake Manager to optimise their Data Lake pipelines in order to deliver more accurate and timely business insights for more lucrative decision making.

Capitalize on your Data Lakes on your own; Adhere to Premium Business Analytics Standards faster than your competition. 

Exiatec Data Lake Manager eliminates the need for technical expertise and enables easy creation, deployment, and management of data via a multi-layered interface. Utilize our modernistic Data Lake Manager to supercharge your data lakes and bring them up to industry 4.0 standards. Here are some proprietary elements that your corporation Data Management Capabilities should not be without.
Orchestration of Pipelines in an Automated Manner

Standardize and collect all data change streams into a Data Lake data repository while preserving the complete change history. This enables data handlers to access whole data lineages, resulting in self-healing, dependable, and robust data.

Cataloguing of Data

This solution has been enhanced to include Exiatec Enterprise Data Catalog, which enables your Data Lake to store source and derived data in a systematic manner while mitigating as much as possible the data handling experiences of your data scientists.

Advanced Administration of Data Lakes

Exiatec Data Lake Manager may be connected to an easy command centre that enables your data users and analytics to configure, monitor, and perform enterprise-wide data operations such as data transformation and replication.

Automation without the use of code

This solution is capable of encapsulating the protocols required by data processing frameworks like as Apache Spark for the purpose of combining and standardising changing streams into multifarious, analytics-ready, and automated data lakes.

Numerous Data Lakes are scalable and centralised. A single Manager.

Why would you want to use Exiatec Data Lake Manager?

Exiatec Data Lake Manager enables data-driven organisations to extract analytics-ready and relatable data from data lakes without requiring any code. Making Data Lake Management a simple and intuitive procedure for any person in your organisation. By mitigating and optimising Data Lake Management with Exiatec Data Lake Manager, you can achieve a number of benefits, as depicted below.

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