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Data Streaming by Exiatec

Elevate the quality of your streaming data, for all Exiatec’s data-centric solutions are empowered with the best data streaming technologies that enable unconventional and agile analytics and modernistic microservices empowered by data replication capabilities of the new age. You can now allow your data sources and target end-connects to deliver huge amounts of real-time data that are ready to be analysed and capitalised on by your data practitioners.

A Platform for Accelerated Data Streamlining

Exiatec allows your streaming platforms to be automated and operate in real-time via data ingestion and replicating tools that are better than the traditional, high-impact and manual tools used by outdated streaming platforms.

Integration on a global scale

Allow your streaming platforms to be seamlessly integrated into the cloud and on-prem RDMSs, SAPs, files, Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, Mainframes and other sources without any dispute. This solution has amazing integrative capabilities.

Increased Data Visibility

Enable corporate-wide data visibilities by employing an intuitive control centre to monitor and control your data ETL processes and optimise your data pipelines to stream data across the enterprise without any shortcomings.

Why do you need Data Streaming?

When your data networks have the capability to deliver analytics-ready data via real-time streaming platforms, you can capture current data to generate insights with higher agility and relatability and make risk-free and profitable decisions confidently.

Exiatec Data Streaming allows you to efficiently deliver data between complex data networks while being lagged-free, faster, reliable and relatable during every point. It is a log-based approach to automatically capture change data without depending on a data-manoeuvring agent.

No matter how complicated your data networks are, data streaming will be evenly fast at any point with Exiatec Data Streaming.

Exiatec Data Streaming is a solution, a capability and luxury for your data-dependent conglomerate, for it is the modernistic streaming technology that houses proprietary solutions and technological upgrades to optimise the data streaming behaviours of your company. Unlock spearheading live streams in your enterprise data structures with Exiatec Data Streaming- a user-friendly and multifaceted data streaming tool.
Administrating Data Centrally

With optimal transparencies of data trips, you can now single-handedly administer millions of data integrations using a simplified, centralised data control centre. Tweak your capabilities in designing data models, monitoring and executing data streams using open APIs and data management tools.

Alternate Data Actions

The real-time datasets that are being transferred from the clouds, sources to the target end-points can be entirely and transparently managed with an advanced, user-friendly GUI. Execute data ETL via agentless configurations via modern CDC (Change Data Capture) technology.

Data Architectures with a Zero-Footprint

Cloud-optimised configuration tools will allow your data engineers to build prefab architectures with intuitive digital data architectural tools that will allow your data pipelines to glide faster with millisecond transmission paces.

Universality of Connection

Exiatec Data Streaming can be connected to a diversity of sources like Apache Hadoop, RDBMS, Clouds, Data Warehouses, Enterprise Applications, Streaming Platforms, Files, existing retro-fitting systems and all other types of data-tackling sources.

Streaming at a faster rate. Increased Growth.

Why do you want to use Exiatec Data Streaming?

Exiatec Data Streaming allows your data networks to surge with real-time data without hindering the source systems operations. Let your data pipelines streamline and provide reliable support and integration for your data systems with a modernistic and multifaceted solution. Here are some of the advantages that are enabled by Exiatec Data Streaming that can be exploited by your data engineers to unlock facile data transfers.

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