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Data Warehouse Manager

Automate your data warehouses to surge actionable insights for better, faster and foolproof enterprise decision making. Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager is a universal Data Warehouse Manager that expedites the digital operations of your data warehouses to be agile, adaptable and responsive. This auxiliary technological upgrade supports any type of data warehouses like Google Big Query, Snowflake, Azure Synapse Analytics or Amazon Redshift. Let your data warehouse lifecycles Spearhead to let your company seize the power of real-time decisions and win the competitive edge

Make Corporate Decisions in Real Time

As each second counts in making agile decisions in the digital age, you can save minutes with Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager to make corporate data-driven decisions and direct towards the competitive edge of your market.

A Unique, Code-Free Approach

This Data Managing Tool is specifically designed to allow your data engineers to accelerate the processing time of designing, managing and deploying your data warehouses without complicated hand-coded executions.

Open your Growth with a Burst

Regardless of the warehouse that you have housed in your IT infrastructure or no matter how complicated your workflows are, Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager intelligently eliminates data warehouse operations’ delays and inefficiencies.

Why do you need Data Warehouse Manager?

With optimal and less stressful Data Warehouse Management, data engineers would streamline the experiences of data analysts to capitalise latest data in real-time and allow them to generate actionable insights to make lucrative corporate decisions.

Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager tweaks down the decision-making time from minutes to seconds by allowing your company’s data players to tackle data, refine it and allow your decision makers to make profitable, risk-free and futuristic decisions faster.

Make Real-Time Critical Decisions with the fastest access to your Data with Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager.

Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager is simply a fully-fledged service that helps your data tacklers to utilise data warehouses to their fullest with mitigated approaches to model, monitor and manage, ingest data or update and finally deploy your warehouse environments easily and precisely. Here are some of the signature features of Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager that you must not overlook.
Midnight Data Refinement

Data of your warehouses are being optimised at every stage of your Data Warehouse Life Cycles. It houses automated tools that help your engineers to design models in your data warehouses, generate Data ETL codes, execute upgrades while saving time, cost and effort.

Actions on Real-Time Data

This solution opens ways for your data tacklers to streamline data between your data warehouses and a variety of other connections like data lakes, RDBMs, SAPs, Mainframes and more. Enabling enterprise-wide data transparency and agility.

Tools for Data Management

All the data ingested and extracted from your data warehouses can be optimised and mitigated with the integrated data management tools that are connected to this solution, like Data Catalogs, Real-Time Data Security Protocols, and tools that enhance the business and IT collaborations.

Data Architectures That Are Adaptable

With enterprises undergoing explosive growths in the digital age, data architectures keep evolving to be more optimised. You can federate your data architectures to govern data and connect to analytical applications seamlessly with this solution.

Optimize, Accelerate, and Maximize the Utilization of your Data Warehouses.

What are the advantages of Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager?

Exiatec Data Warehouse Manager can be assuredly addressed as the most competent and modernistic digital tool for data engineers in data-dependent enterprises to manage all data warehouses under one glass pane. This solution enables a range of advantages that can be used by your company for better data warehouse administering and sprightly corporate decision making. Here are some of the benefits that your data engineers could not afford to miss.

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