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Deploy cloud intelligence to the intelligent edges of your information technology networks; this solution is a high-performance service supported by Exiatec’s patented Edgexio Platform. By relocating your corporate data tasks to the periphery of your computer networks, you may reclaim time spent waiting for your systems to load large amounts of unnecessary data to a centralised processor. Your devices will no longer remain idle when connected to the cloud; instead, they will respond proactively and locally to corporate-specific changes and work efficiently, enabling you to make time-saving business decisions.

Continuous data movement that has been 'treated'

Your firm can obtain correct business knowledge at breakneck speeds due to the fact that low-weighted datasets will be fed into the network during transmission, since they will be processed at the edge.

Data that has been processed and analysed locally

This solution is based on the Edgexio platform and enables the connection of all data sources, sensors, actuators, end devices, and other IoT and data-driven objects to your IT network, as well as the analysis of data at a non-centralized location.

Edge Analytics Made Simple, Secure, and Scalable

This lean solution analyses data on-demand at the network edge, enhancing your decision-making capabilities, and can be scaled and secured to create nimble, easily-used, and dependable IoT systems.

Why is Edge Analytics needed?

Edge computing enables businesses to save significant amounts of time importing and analysing data and to work with actionable datasets rather than bulk data. However, Exiatec advances this technology by merging it with other cutting-edge technologies such as the Digital Twin, artificial intelligence models, and other data-centric algorithms.

With the finest Edge Analytics Solutions offered by the Exiatec Edgexio Platform, unearth corporate breakthroughs and make game-changing organisational decisions.

Analyze data at the edge to make agile business decisions in a time- and speed-sensitive industrial world.

The Exiatec Edgexio Platform’s Edge Analytics Solution is being developed to suit the new era’s demands for edge computing and analytics, offering you complete control over data transfers, extractions, and storage. Depending on the nature of your crucial decisions, you can leverage this system’s characteristics to alter data analysis time in order to make timely and profitable decisions that will put your business ahead of your competition.

Frameworks That Are Dynamic

This not-to-be-missed solution's design is highly flexible and can be bent to match your data retrieval requirements. Modular and component-based architectures can be used to meet the requirements of certain actual deployments.

Independence of the Platform

Edgexio is an embedded edge platform designed to accommodate hub devices and a large number of gateways optimally. It has been optimised for portability to any Operating System, Java Virtual Machine, or Hardware.

Repositories de Datos Locales

Store your sensitive and future actionable data in the cloud at gateways that are completely disconnected from the internet. You can configure and add your own local data repositories, as well as gather any form of data at the gateways.

Device Connectivities That Are Optimal

This solution supports a variety of device interconnectivity using a variety of Internet of Things connectivity protocols, including WebSockets, AMQP, Pusher, PubNub, SSE, MQTT, REST, Kafka, OPC-UA, JSON, FIX, and Raw HTTP.

Security from the Edge to the Cloud

This solution's pre-installed security safeguards offer the highest level of confidentiality and privacy for your corporate data. You can define your own security policies and access controls for users. It is embedded in data encryptions, hardware security models, key infrastructures, and a wide variety of other security technologies.

Responsive Data Models

This approach enables all applications to have centralised access to data and other edge resources. The Edgexio platform includes modelling features that enable the platform to connect current devices, device co-functions, local services, hybrid clouds, and historical data.

Engine of Rules

Numerous activities occurring during the gateway's runtime - such as utilising actionable data and controlling devices - may be intelligently monitored and controlled via the solution's established automated business rules; corporate integration has never been easier.

Intelligent Watchdog Agent

The health of your gateway runtime's environment is constantly monitored and protected by a fully-fledged native watchdog agent. It detects system faults and, in the event of an emergency, takes the initiative to reboot or restart your machine.

Digital Twin-Enabled

The platform's intelligent interfaces effortlessly integrate all complex device and software networks. At the edge, a digital twin concept is used to enable offline access, data direction, and device control capabilities, making it both faster and easier.

Measures for Data Recovery

When restarting, rebooting, or factory resetting your computer, the majority of your data may be lost. However, the Edgexio platform has cutting-edge backup and recovery processes that may be done manually or automatically.

Improved data analytics performance. Improved Data-Driven Decision-Making.

Why do you want to use Exiatec Edge Analytics?

Exiatec’s patented platform for edge analytics is innovatively advanced with cutting-edge technologies and exceptional technological capabilities that your business may use to uncover important stories about where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there. This solution enables an abundance of benefits that you may leverage to make more nimble business decisions. Here are a few benefits that you should consider.

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