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Industrial Sensors

Exiatec enables Software Suites that allows you to stay tuned with your Industrial IoT Sensors and optimise your IIoT networks with business-ready and rapidly reactive IoT dashboards. This solution allows seamless sensor hardware integrations- from Industrial Sensors, Actuators, PLCs, Trigger Devices to Machines, Vehicles and Gateways – to ensure that your operations are carried threat-free, risk-free and reliably while allowing sensor data to fuel your analytical capabilities.

Integrations of the Internet of Things in the Digital Age

The Exiatec Industrial Sensor is a solution that allows industrial managers to utilise smart control centres that are empowered by IoT integrations. Legacy systems, Business Tools, REST APIs, Analytical Tools, WebSockets are seamlessly interconnected to send sensor signals to all the target end-connects of your data systems.

Suppliers of Reputable Hardware

Exiatec partners up with award-winning Sensor Hardware Device Suppliers to make sure that you do not have to waste time making two disparate vendors work in unison. We will meet your demands by collaboratively working with our partners to provide you with premium sensor technologies- software and hardware- to suit your corporate demands.

Premium Optimisation via Sensors

When your sensor swamps are ‘smartified’ with our solution, you will gain powerful capabilities to enable and disable Hardware and IoT integrations, manage devices, collect sensor data, configure industrial assets, command executions and gain insights using a single platform.

Why do you need Industrial Sensor?

Industrial practitioners invest millions of dollars in equipping their sites, vehicles, equipment and machines with sensor equipment to collect ample amounts of digital data. They also spend on comparing these data with pre-designed values and parameters to create actionable insights for undoubtful corporate decisions.

Exiatec Industrial Sensor is a SaaS that allows you to do all that with a single solution. It helps you to get real value out of all your sensors (maybe 100s or 1000s), using scalable, interactive and automated dashboards by enabling seamless integration between this hardware.

A fit-to-all Sensor Manoeuvring System to ensure that your sensor services are at their fullest even in the most complex and critical industrial events.

Allow Exiatec Industrial Sensor to help your asset and wealth maintenance managers to have a comprehensive awareness of the integrations and data extracting technologies of your sensors using a single solution. This solution is a flexible technological upgrade that makes your IoT experience easier and less complicated. Here are some of the signature features that make Exiatec Industrial Sensor the best IoT Sensor Solution for your company.
Compatible with a variety of Internet of Things protocols

Exiatec Industrial Sensor enables interconnections between devices via industry-qualified IoT protocols like CoAP, HTTP, MQTT regardless of whether it is deployed on clouds or on-prem.

Simulators of Devices

Exiatec Industrial Sensor houses smart IoT or MQTT device simulators that allow you to envision 1000s of devices in disparate locations and publish their metadata into one single box.

In action, digital twins

Unlike other Sensor Device Capitalising Systems, Exiatec Industrial Sensor houses the latest technologies. Especially when it comes to sensor device health management, you can harness an index of digital twins to capture real-time data even when the devices are turned off.

Technologies with built-in fault tolerance

This solution is equipped and progressed with automated fault-tolerant technological protocols that are activated to allow your IoT sensor systems to deliver unfaltering services despite of unprecedented system failures.

UI that is interactive

All your wireless sensors networks can be intelligently and easily managed and controlled via REST APIs or GUIs to visualise telemetry and collect sensory data via intuitive ‘drag and drop’ dashboards.

Recognize your battery usage

As you can collect data from 1000s of sensors using this solution, you can also monitor their battery usage and optimise the sensor network to be deployed in the most resourceful structures and by the best equipment available in the market.

Sensor Management and Monitoring

Your IoT sensors can be single-handedly provisioned, managed, monitored and controlled in the best-secured fashion possible via server-side APIs that are embedded in this solution. You can not transparently view the integration and connection between your sensor data-depending entities effortlessly.

Configuration of Intelligent Devices

You can set smart configurations to your sensors and control your device behaviours using scalable and interactive dashboards. You can configure sensors based on your desired data parameters, feature flags, edge analytics, other functions or even their location.

1000s of Sensors and Actuators. A Single Industry 4.0 Solution.

Why do you want to work with Exiatec Industrial Sensors?

Exiatec Industrial Sensor is an adept solution created for farsighted companies and industrial establishments that are competing in data-driven cultures. With better and controlled sensor management, your company can surge data pipelines with raw data that can be toned into lucrative decisions that will elevate and move your company to the competitive edge. Here are some advantages of this genuine IoT Sensor solution that you cannot afford to miss.

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