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Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform is the best integration platform available for any technology-driven company to adapt, integrate, and innovate in this new age- where data is key to all profitable and efficient business outcomes. Harness a single platform to integrate your Back Office System Solutions, Applications, Websites, Web Portals and expand your opportunities without a single business disruption.

A Platform-as-a-Service for Seamless Data ETL

Adopt a personalised cloud-native Enterprise Integration Platform to unlock undisrupted data pipelines with outstanding data ETL. This is an iPaaS that connects your SaaS, equip-worthy cloud and on-prem applications to a single and innovative platform via full-fledged APIs.

Corporate Decision-Making on an Instantaneous Basis

You can now make a victorious entry to the global markets and be rewarded with stable market positions and substantial corporate growth with smart decision-making capabilities. Make stable decisions to enable proactive customer services, opportunistic business reactions and everything else you need to gain operative excellence.

Corporate Agility at its Finest

Redefine your corporate ecosystem’s interoperability and agile adaptabilities to be at their best forms with the Cerexio Enterprise Integration Platform. You can now flex your capacity to meet your desired business states sooner and beyond expectations.

Why do you need Enterprise Integration Platform?

The level of interconnectedness defines a company’s ability to make well-thought decisions, meet targets and administer all company activities faster and sufficiently. When technology brings all corporate efforts and initiatives to one shared platform, business time, effort and money are being saved in an unimaginable way.

This is why Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform is recognised as a not-to-be-overlooked digital upgrade by many successful global conglomerates.

The New Maximum Power is in a ‘Complete ONE’; therefore, compete and win with seamless ‘Integrated Experiences’ with a world-class Enterprise Integration Platform

Learn why our Enterprise Integration iPaaS stands ahead of the curve of other services in the market. This solution is inherited with ultra-modern age technological features that allow your company to capitalise on integrated business processes to be more sustainable, resilient and lucrative by every decision you make. You can employ our iPaaS in your IT infrastructure to manipulate data to feed your intelligence and become Smart Enterprises in the industrial world. Here are some of the most advanced and requisite capabilities of the Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform.

A Codeless Integration Core

We are faster than all typical iPaaS solutions since our Enterprise Integration Platform homes pre-built connection hubs, event-based data triggers and inbuilt business process recipes that interconnect numerous SaaS, ERP Systems, databases to minimise expenditures and operational footprint of your establishment.

Configurations of the Platform Infrastructure

This solution houses a set of user-friendly and essential tools needed to configure the infrastructure of your IT integration platform to enable ultimate efficiency, such as dynamic schema managing tools, 1000+ pre-built connectors, tools for workflow customisation, binary file handlers and more.

Extensive Data Pipelines

Unlock smart, flexible and everflowing data pipelines by rapidly ingesting data into your data warehouses. Now you have to spend little time generating your data insights because this solution will mitigate the data network complexities by intelligently maintaining the infrastructure, managing and optimising schemas, planning capacities, and removing APIs’ dispensable complexities.

Microservices of Enterprise-Grade That Are Unreplaceable

You can now manage the complete life cycles of multiple APIs housed in the Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform. You can employ these API capabilities to re-use and decouple your systems with essential microservices in a secured and modernised manner.

Applications and Bots

Integrate customised bots and applications into your IT infrastructure effortlessly and make it easier for your company’s end-users to connect with ERPs, cloud services, on-prem systems, and other software capabilities to complete tasks.

Synchronization of High-Quality Data

House this solution to sync your corporate data instantaneously based on random requests or scheduled protocols. You can now sync your data -no matter now voluminous- spanning from a single data transaction to millions of rows of data.

Intelligent Task Managers

As typical Integration Platforms are inefficiently focused on minimalistic data movements, Our Integration platform overrides them by allowing your company to orchestrate and interweave machine and human tasks and multiple corporate actions sites and divisions with process triggers and real-time visualisation dashboards.

Unlock the Highest Levels of Robotic Process Automation

Supercharge the interactions you have with the modern software suites of your corporate robots and other machines with the inbuilt Parsers, APIs and screen-scraping technological tools of this solution.

Hundreds of Thousands of Supercharged Ecosystems. A Single Solution.

Why should you select the Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform?

Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform unravels a range of enterprise benefits and strengths that will help your company gain futuristic opportunities. You can now make agile decisions, boost your financial and non-monetary gains and effectively operate in a foolproof environment with better corporate integration. Exiatec Enterprise Integration Platform is fully geared to take care of all your teams, departments and stakeholders singularly. Learn more benefits that this solution brings to your company.

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