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Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager

Allow your data practitioners to set up credentials in multiple cloud formats and administer clusters via visualised and interactive dashboards with Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager – the only only-fledge cluster manager available for data-driven companies of the new age. Optimise your cluster managing capabilities from core-to-edge-to-cloud with this fully optioned and smartly curated cluster manager for your company’s data systems.

Complete awareness of all data transfers

Smartly simplify data migrations that are surging in your data pipelines between your core systems, edges and multiple cloud environments via clusters with interactive dashboards empowered by Machine Learning Models.

Real-Time Tracking and Tracing

Cultivate insightful data by deploying wide-angled clusters to gain mission-oriented BI and report-worthy results. This solution houses packages to help your data practitioners to map out analytics-ready data and gain better analytical power for faster corporate decision-making.

Graphical User Interfaces and interactive dashboards

Another feature of Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager is that it allows the applications and projects enabled in clusters to be comprehensively visualised through visualised dashboards. It enables a GUI to create, delete, merge, set up credentials, execute, customise lambdas or functions of clusters within a few clicks.

Why do you need Multi-cloud Cluster Manager?

As many system administrators and data analysts are striving to use the cloud, streaming and auxiliary service platforms hand to hand, they end up tangling data network systems to be complex and time-consuming in executing projects.

This is why many system administrators and industrial data-driven companies choose Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager to dispel their system complexities and bring forth flexible and reliable cloud-driven cluster environments to their IT infrastructures.

Eliminate all bottlenecks and allow your data players to operate in a smart cluster environment driven by innovation and manage workloads in a timely manner.

Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager maximises the capabilities of your system administrators to operate in complex environments reliably and flexibly. As your vast technological systems are disrupted by: various applications, new-age powerful hardware, intelligent software suites and technologies such as data analytics, edge computing, Deep learning and AI, you need to tackle smart operational services intelligently. This solution does just that!
Provisioning of Intelligent Clusters

This solution allows your system administrators to provision clusters based on the criticality of projects and allows each cluster to run various applications from bare-metal not within hours but in minutes. Also, an intuitive wizard tool allows you to extend your environment by adding resources from clouds via automated setups and management tools.

Configuration of Clusters in an Automated Manner

SaaS applications and other auxiliary services- like Network, DNS, LDAP, DHCP and Firewalls- can be automatically configured by this solution to make sure that all the clusters federated in the multi-cloud environment are up and running without any dispute.

Cloud Integrations That Are Self-Contained

This solution can be equipped by any company utilising any type of cloud platforms. It can be compatible in terms of being capitalised clouds since it supports many cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud or private cloud service enablers like OpenNebular, OpenStack and Nutanix.

Maintain an innovative spirit with this solution.

Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager allows you to remain innovative by propagating necessary system upgrades and new images within a single step without causing any disruptions to the servers or end-users; a single click per every application re-hosting.

Monitors of Cluster Health

Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager is advanced with administrator-friendly Cluster Health Monitors that allows your system custodians to check for the health and performance of each cluster by using an interactive dashboard to isolate faults and execute necessary cluster diagnostic services if needed.

Burn-in Tests Scheduled

In progress Burn-in Tests can be scheduled to ensure that all clusters are optimised and operates under secured and fully functioning manners at all times. Each node will be checked to make sure that every workload is being completed without any shortcoming.

A single cluster. Numerous Applications

This solution is equipped with pretested software packages that make it easier for the administrators to host a wide array of software applications in the same cluster and promote specific data utilisation based on the jobs and projects executed in each cluster.

From Complex Systems to Cluster-Driven Operational Excellence.

Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager: Why Choose It?

If your company houses Exiatec Multi-cloud Cluster Manager, you gain the power of spanning resources in various locations -like the edge, core systems and clouds-and concentrically managing all data through one console. Learn more benefits enabled by this big-data-based cluster manager and learn what the future of your corporate information and computer systems would look like.

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