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Let your corporate asset swarms perform without impending risks or detrimental system downtimes because now you can predict the functionalities of your assets using a single, smart and scalable software solution. Exiatec Predictive Analytics is a futuristic solution empowered by an array of modern technologies, like models and algorithms empowered by AI and ML technologies, Predictive Technology, Digital Twin Technology, IIoT and more, that you can employ to let your assets operate and create value flawlessly.

Modeling with Optimised Predictions

Since the Exiatec Predictive Analytics solution is advanced with AI and ML modelling, you can use this solution to predict the health and operability of your assets based on their conditions and not their age.

Visibilities that are both scalable and comprehensive

Condition-based Degradation curves and remaining actual asset lifecycle profiles can be employed by your asset managers to gain comprehensive visibilities on asset utilisation from a single nut and bolt to colossal asset spreads.

Reactions to Proactive Asset Diagnostics

With smart and insightful prediction blacked by scientifically proven and battle-tested algorithms, you can be prepared with ready-to-action maintenance and a diagnostic team to tend to your assets at the right time (not based on your gut feeling).

Why do you need Predictive Analytics?

Many asset-heavy industrial establishments around the world rely on the application of the right assets based on their enterprise requirements. This is why being aware of the actual statuses and performances of your assets play a huge role in meeting your corporate goals.

Replace unresourceful and time-consuming asset maintenance systems with reliable, futuristic and predictive asset risk and maintenance systems with Exiatec Predictive Analytics Solution- an excellent and powerful tool for your company’s asset and wealth managers.

Have steady confidence in your corporate assets and create value 24/7 with uninterrupted system uptimes.

Exiatec Predictive Analytics Solution is a new-age system suite that is employed by many asset custodians in famous asset-heavy industrial practitioners around the globe. This solution remains to be the last and best choice of these asset specialists because of the unique and modern technological capabilities that it inherits to deliver asset maintenance opportunities.

Forecasts for Asset Investments That Are Accurate

Tailor Comprehensive Investment Profiles for the next 10 years by allowing this solution’s AI models to make cost-effective predictions on how you should budget to buy, maintain, replace and dispose of your assets.

Asset Lifecycle Trackers in Real Time

Understand the criticality of your assets by employing the AI-empowered Criticality Models of this solution that captures historical data and real-time asset performance data to predict how healthy your assets are and the remaining age of your assets’ operable conditions.

Digital Twin-Enabled Dashboards

Exploit simulated dashboards powered by Digital Twin Technologies to pinpoint why and where assets are either crashed or having suboptimal performance standards. With this modernistic interface, your asset engineers and maintenance team can make asset decisions without hesitation.

Confidentiality-assured Security Protocols

Safeguard the privacy of your sensitive asset data and dispel any chance of data tampering and piracy with Exiatec ’s proprietary Battle-tested Reactive Security Protocols.

Predictive Analytics for Asset Failure at its Best

The Scientific Predictive Analytical Algorithms of these solutions make asset failure predictions of your existing asset swarms for the next decade. It studies environmental, geographical, asset material, historical data and many other aspects to uncover hidden asset discrepancies before they even occur.

Examiners of Intelligent Service Availability

Based on the need for maintenance services and asset diagnostics specialists, Exiatec Predictive Analytics Solution will activate Maintenance Schedules to keep your maintenance crew updated on impending asset failures.

Matrices of Reliable Asset Decay

Exiatec Predictive Analytics houses extensive Decay Identification Metrics that illustrate the rates of decay and monetary value depreciation of your assets based on their actual conditions and environments. As various assets decay differently under different circumstances, understand decay patterns of your equipment, production lines and enterprise-wide asset spreads.

Intelligent Alert System

Exiatec Predictive Analytics Solution is upgraded with seamless integration to intelligent trigger systems that will proactively alert maintenance crews and other asset managers in case of critical emergencies beforehand. It can be housed to promote the safety of the employees who use assets in their work.

All assets should be capitalized. Meet Objectives More Effortlessly.

Exiatec Predictive Analytics: Why Choose It?

Exiatec Predictive Analytics Solution is the leanest Artificial Intelligence System that is specialised to manage and maintain corporate assets profoundly. This solution hones the skills of providing information to asset managers to creatively think and innovatively make asset-centric decisions with 100% guaranteed results. Here are some of the authentic benefits enabled by this new-age asset management software suite.

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