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Self-Service Embedded Analytics

Create a bespoke data analytics platform to intelligently manage the activities of your data specialists by leveraging the Exiatec platform for all data networking challenges. This solution can be incorporated into any cloud or on-premises server to provide actionable data insights—you can now use your company data to tell great tales.

You now have access to world-class, modern analytics.

Utilize our data analytics dashboards and widgets to intelligently and precisely mitigate your data professionals' operations. With customised Data Models and adaptable Data Infrastructures, you can empower Data Practitioners.

AI-enabled Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Integrate your data source with Exiatec, a self-service AI platform, to understand the patterns in your data and identify impending failures, forecast budgets, and more.

In just three easy steps, you may begin self-service.

Configure your data sources' connections (it can be real-time streams or databases). Utilize your insights to create a narrative from your company's data.

Why would you require self-service?

You can now operate completely independently and leverage self-service analytical skills entirely on your own. Once your data sources are loaded, this solution will automatically offer a variety of charts, trends, and graphs that are tailored to your company’s data handling habits.

In the majority of cases, our customers are overjoyed to be self-sufficient through the use of auto-recommended analytics.

Discover the value of your data when you have complete control over the mobility of your data!

This solution includes built-in data processing capabilities that can help lessen the risks associated with sophisticated data networks that transact or load massive amounts of data daily! With the ability to process over a billion transactions per second in a self-deployed platform, there is no better data analysis solution available than Exiatec Self-Service Analytics Solution.
Capability for Intelligent Data Streaming

Self-curate your data sources and networks to ensure uninterrupted data transmissions and to improve the agility and precision with which your moving data is broadcast.

Over 30+ Connectors for Data Management

Advanced Native Proprietary Connectors will enable your network to have universal connectivity, allowing web data to be extracted anytime and by anyone you choose.

Editor for Dynamic Queries

Generate comprehensive and scalable on-demand reports by utilising the built-in query editor to visualise, transform, and model your datasets in the manner of your choice.

Geospatial Analysis in the Modern Era

Equip powerful geoanalytic capabilities to decipher veiled information patterns and KPIs and visualise them on interactive, high-performance dashboards.

Integrated interactive dashboards

Utilize highly dynamic dashboards to monitor and analyse your data using on-the-fly lookup and seamless overlay features.

Countless Visualization Collections

Utilize the open-source visualisation frameworks to construct components by assembling bespoke data pipeline displaying techniques using intelligently federated data structures.

Self-serving Dexterity

Allow all end users to self-serve in order to achieve their chosen analytical requirements while eradicating any dangers associated with ineffective data management.

APIs for integrating with other applications

Our API package enables data players to automate, federate, and expand the platform in order to solve corporate-specific workflows and integrate all required apps, sources, workbooks, and endpoints.

Compatible with a variety of infrastructures

Deploy this solution on your present infrastructure and modify it to your future infrastructures; it is capable of instantly connecting thousands of bare-metal servers to multiple cloud servers.

Exiatec Self-service embedded analytics – How Does It Work?

Exiatec platform improves analytical performance by introducing an upgraded query optimizer, a streaming executor, and a caching layer that lies between the execution engine layer and the drivers to enable higher input/output throughput.
  • Our technology is compatible with any type of infrastructure.
  • Without coding, continuously updated, analytics-ready data lakes
  • Coordinate the execution of tasks by third-party systems
  • Workflows must be defined, scheduled, and monitored.
  • Occurrences occurring in real-time, capable of processing over a billion events per second
  • Capable of handling data streams with a high throughput

Regardless of experience, a single platform!

Why is it critical to select the Exiatec embedded analytics platform?

Bring all your data together into a single data analytics platform that supports all use cases and users of all skill levels to ignite enterprise-wide transformation. This cutting-edge solution is a must-have upgrade that can expedite your digital transition from where you are now to an industry-4.0 standard transfer that ensures no significant data is missing. Unlock a slew of benefits for your domain’s data analysis and discover why our self-service solution outperforms the competition.

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