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Control Tower for Exiatec’s Supply Chain

Take the first significant step toward transitioning your supply chain management operations from a siloed method to a collaborative and connected planning platform. Supply Chain and IT experts adapt this solution to your organization’s unique requirements for simplifying and speeding the end-to-end phases of your supply chain lifecycles. Transparent visibility throughout your process-wide supply chains enables you to assess the efficiency with which value is created and to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.

Digital Twins enable Super Visibilities

With expert Supply Chain Planning and extensive visibility, you may finally optimise your supply chains' operations by utilising a real-time simulated model of your supply network.

Techniques for more in-depth forecasting and exploration

This solution is based on scientifically and practically validated new-age technology. Smart Analytics tools, AI and machine learning models, simulated interfaces, and more enhance your analytical capabilities.

A Methodical Approach

Utilize intelligent technologies to achieve profitable and long-term supply chain outcomes. Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower enables your organisation to achieve success through its analytical, learning, and decision-making capabilities.

Why is Exiatec Supply Chain Tower required?

Exiatec Supply Chain Tower enables you to execute supply chain decisions fully based on the present condition and statistics of your industrial performances, requirements, and capabilities. This is the recipe that a variety of industrial practitioners around the world utilise to unlock risk-free, streamlined, and fully optioned supply chains.

Rely on science and technology to optimally utilise your supply chains and boost your ROI rates to sky limits

To be manifested as the only robust and fully functioning Supply Chain Management tool, this solution houses a range of authentic technological capacities and tools. Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower is a stack of modernistic technological tools that empower your supply chains with predictions of probabilistic scenarios, feasible and lucrative decisions, automation and a plethora of other industrial competencies.
Supply Chain Control Centers Simulated

With centralised and intelligent core control centres, supply chain managers may leverage interactive dashboards powered by digital twin technology to receive a holistic perspective of their supply chain networks, enabling them to plan more efficiently and make demand-driven choices in real time.

Schedulers for Intelligent Orders

Schedule customer orders and automate your supply chains so that they are completed in order of priority. Meet urgent and express delivery deadlines with Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower; your supply chain practitioners are always on time with Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower.

Comprehensive profiles of stakeholders

By implementing this solution, you can keep track of your suppliers and third-party auxiliary service providers who contribute to your supply chain activities. You'll understand which organisations are less profitable and which are profitable, and you'll be able to make more informed investment decisions based on ROI-generating trends.

SCM Trackers in Reverse

Additionally, this system tracks the things that are dispatched or returned to your organisation by your clients. It will keep track of the reason for the return and will automatically initiate refunding processes and checks for potential insurance claims based on the scenario.

RFID Technology

Activate RFID tags on your commodities and transport vehicles to expedite the authentication and transportation of items without manually verifying their availability; inventory times can be reduced from weeks to hours. If you have a wireless LAN, you can track the position of deliverables and who is accountable for their transportation to their destination.

Forecasting Instruments for Deficiencies

This system includes the most advanced forecasting capabilities available, allowing you to record historical data, market data, and performance statistics in order to estimate future demand and required operational modifications. Recognize the requirements for your future supply chains and make forward-thinking decisions.

Capabilities in Advanced Analytical Techniques

Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower houses analytical tools that provide clever and insightful directions to assist the operational models. Ask the proper queries and receive error-free responses from a single platform.

Contracts that are more efficient but also more intelligent

Conduct an analysis of your current spend cultures and automate your source-to-contract processes prior to shaking hands with the most suited suppliers. With speedier billing systems, communication portals, and Tail Expenditure Management solutions, you can automate all spend procedures across all expense categories.

Supply Chains That Are Always Changing. One Magnificent Solution.

Why should you select the Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower?

By enabling digitally empowered planning and decisions, you can also make sure that you utilise the best out of Exiatec Supply Chain Control Tower to ensure that your Supply Chains are advanced and smarter than ever. Consciously and confidently manage all deliveries and warehousing activities without depending on ‘vague intuitions’. Here are some of the benefits of this solution that will make you entrust it even more.

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