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With HYDRA X, you can continuously monitor, regulate, and optimise your production. As a result, you can keep an eye on all resources at all times and optimise your manufacturing operations. Production digitization is unstoppable! Businesses that want to operate efficiently want HYDRA X.

HYDRA X’s functional scope exceeds that of a traditional Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by including support processes such as intralogistics and operator guidance in complex assembly processes. Due to the platform-based nature of HYDRA X, it is easily extensible in terms of functionality.


Boost productivity

Shorten lead times

Enhance the standard

Cost savings on energy

Lower scrap rates

Reduce the stock of work in progress

Increase labour efficiency

Ascertain traceability

HYDRA X Categories:

Order Management

Keep an eye on your orders at all times

Resource Management

Making optimum use of your resouces

Material Management

Your material always on the move

Assembly Management

Complex processes parently transparent

Quality Management

Your quality always assured

HR Management

Your workforce is aways ready for action

Information Management

Your information always available

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