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Installing and removing Hadoop-specific services from Hadoop ecosystems are both time-consuming tasks. As a result, we’ve created a solution to help you get the most out of Hadoop services. Exiatec’s Big Data Hadoop Solution can deploy and manage a wide range of Hadoop service-enabling components, including Apache Spark, Apache Hive, HDFS, YARN, XXL, and MapReduce, with ease, regardless of the complexity of your corporate IT architecture!

Advanced Hadoop Manager at Its Finest

This is a premium Hadoop administration and provisioning solution that allows your IT infrastructures to deploy Hadoop services through a well-organized user-friendly interface. With Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager, you can overcome all of your Hadoop usage issues.

Exclusive Hadoop Cluster Manager

This solution has advanced to the forefront of all Big Data Managers because it includes a sophisticated proprietary Hadoop Cluster Manager that enables your system administrators to take full advantage of Hadoop Services in a carefully managed cluster environment.

Corporate adaption to the Big Data Arena is seamless

Allow our array of configuration-specialized technical tools to plan out your Hadoop service employment based on your unique corporation needs, Big Data complexity, and Hadoop Service Utilization trends.

Why is Big Data Hadoop Manager required?

Many companies depend on the Hadoop Platform’s auxiliary data services to ensure that their company data is kept on scalable, fault-tolerant systems and capitalised as needed by data players. Unfortunately, many firms are having difficulty utilising Hadoop’s capabilities to their full potential, despite the fact that they consider Hadoop to be a must-adopt tool.

Exiatec Hadoop deploy-centric solutions support the adoption of Hadoop auxiliary system services, allowing for simple value extraction from corporate Big Data. You may easily enable Hadoop setups and configuration management while fulfilling your enterprise data-extracting requirements, allowing you to surf Big Data with ease and accelerate your company’s growth and stability.

Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager can direct your system administrators and data handlers to the quickest way to improve your company data handling efficiencies. 

Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager is a must-have advancement for capturing the value of Big Data via the Hadoop environment; it simplifies Hadoop connectivities to allow your company to do virtual operations in a more efficient and agile manner, allowing you to use Hadoop services with ease. Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager features are extremely notable as experts in Apache Hadoop. Here are some of the capabilities that this solution offers to supercharge and simplify Hadoop setup in your existing company infrastructure.

Cluster Management as a Service

Big Data Exiatec Hadoop Manager includes a cluster manager and a set of Hadoop-friendly technology tools for systematically configuring Hadoop clusters to optimise your entire data architecture for improved computational efficiency. Welcoming a wide range of user groups, because this system excels at managing fluctuating cluster utilizations.

Deployment of a Workable Platform

Our patented platform deployment techniques will be scaffolded into your company's Hadoop environment to start, operationalize, and resuscitate a risk-free and frictionless Hadoop platform.

Simple User Interface

Because altering important configurations might be hazardous to your entire system, Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager allows you to give unique user roles in its system so that analysts can monitor, maintain logs of operations and queries with limited access permission.

User Interfaces That Are Interactive

Workload managers in Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager are powerful and versatile. Every operation, such as starting or deleting projects, signing in and out, setting up credentials, and connecting and disconnecting entities, may be completed in a matter of seconds. To carry out their tasks, data analysts and monitors might use interactive dashboards and easy-to-use data-access tools and resources.

There Is Data Replication Available

A replication manager may copy and transport data from the Hadoop environment to enterprise clouds like Nutanix and OpenStack using this complex solution. This data transmission feature transfers metadata and existing data to new workloads, enriching them.

The Most Effective Security Measures

Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager unquestionably includes the most advanced data security features to ensure that all data flowing through your pipelines is safe and secure at all times.

Management of Data Warehouses

Because it has a sophisticated tier structure with reactive data accessing, caching, and delivering protocols, this solution outperforms others in generating and managing well-sorted data warehouses. It contains an authentic data sandbox for experimenting with data in warehouses and diversifying production database settings.

Continuous Data Governance

Your corporate IT structures' distributed data transmission networks, which run from edges to clouds and back, will be monitored by intelligent supervisory tools to guarantee that sensitive data is not exploited or disregarded during processing. It serialises data items using metadata tags and unique identifiers.

Outstanding data management. Rapid expansion of the business.

Exiatec Big Data Hadoop Manager: Why Choose It?

Easily build, configure, administer, and monitor Hadoop services in private, public, or hybrid enterprise cloud infrastructures by bringing a simple Hadoop environment to your old IT structures. Exiatec’s services are limitless when it comes to developing comprehensive Hadoop harnessing platforms; as a result, it properly permits healthy Hadoop implementation and integration with your existing data sources.

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