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Constructing a link between your physical and digital worlds

Digitalizing and automating engineering drawings

2 x 100 time faster



AI Logic is AI solution for digitalizing engineering documents, including standards, specifications and datasheets. Engineering documents can be digitalized in content and relationship, and then extracted data to

  • Automate engineering data transfer
  • Recreate information for a new project
  • Standardize engineering format
  • Search for all related engineering documents and information content applying “Google-like” search technology
  • Compare and identify critical information conflicts
  • Consolidate information into a design or knowledge base

AI Logic Datasheet

iDocuments-Datasheet is an AI application that digitalizes and automates engineering datasheets, including process, equipment, instrument, electrical, and Bill of Material (BoMs or MTOs). iDocuments-Datasheet recognizes engineering information and their relationships in datasheets, allowing users to:

  • Extract all key information for data, which can be linked and transferred to engineering design and asset management tools or database, including iDrawings-P&ID
  • Identify, search, compare, modify engineering information on datasheets
  • Recreate datasheets
  • Standardize datasheets


Use Cases - AI Logic​

Automate Data Validation

Automate SPI