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Hadoop Ecosystem

Make the best possible use of Hadoop’s ecosystem

Apache Hadoop is a framework for auxiliary data services that modifies an enterprise’s data handling behaviours on structured corporate IT infrastructures. It inherits a scalable platform for storing, processing, and modelling corporate data extracted from many sources, as well as for discovering actionable business insight for agile and targeted decision making. It is the most well-known open-source platform, capable of supporting any sort of commodity hardware and enabling Big Data Analytic capabilities for industrial and commercial practitioners in the new era.

Exiatec is one of Malaysia’s leading providers of data-centric software solutions. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with Hadoop Ecosystems. Exiatec’s Data Solutions enable your company’s end users to leverage the Hadoop Ecosystem’s data management services and inform investors and decision-makers about the latest data-driven corporate decisions. These solutions are critical if your business wishes to pursue futuristic data-driven goals and ambitions.

Benefits of Hadoop Ecosystem

Our Solutions Improved by the Hadoop Ecosystem

Exiatec Asset Risk Prediction System is a Hadoop-compatible asset-centric software solution. It analyses asset-related condition data streams in order to forecast asset-related risks, delays, and failures.

Exiatec's Big Data Hadoop Manager enables your data players to make the best possible use of Hadoop Services. It makes use of user-friendly cluster administrators and customised data processing algorithms for each client.

Our Data Lake Manager enables your data teams to quickly install this solution for reorganising data pipelines that interact with the Hadoop Ecosystem without the need for technical expertise.

Exiatec also invented the greatest Data Warehouse Manager on the market. This solution enables you to link your data sources to Hadoop Auxiliary services and gain the benefits of active business analytics.

Asset data from your organisation may be proactively analysed and formatted in the Hadoop Ecosystem to assist asset data managers in gaining a clear picture of imminent asset behaviours.

Allow our premium solutions to automate your efforts and improve your business.