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Intelligent Asset Management and Risk Management System

For critical infrastructure, utilities, and inaccessible locations

Digital twin space program simulation technology isometric background composition with spacecraft launch site purple glowing vector illustration

Digital Twin in 3D / 4D

This is the first time in the business that Digital Twins and Predictions have been combined.


Utilize satellite data

Earth observation data for inaccessible assets and places


ISO 55000 Standard

With each superior decision, ensure that your assets match the highest standards.


Predictions aided by AI

AI techniques developed exclusively for the purpose of predicting failures and forecasting financial requirements

Assured Quantifiable and tangible Results

All of our satisfied clients repaid their initial investment during the planning cycle’s first stages. – Our clients agree that we guarantee to reduce asset-centric expenses without requiring additional investment. Additionally, they state:

Millions of Dollars in Savings

10% reduction in total maintenance costs

At Your Fingertips: Risk Management

The same investments, but with fewer risks! Almost a 300 percent reduction in risk

Budget Forecasting

Analysis and Predictions for Multiple Budget Scenarios

Industry-specific solutions


Optimize your water supply from the source to the end user, as well as your waste water collecting networks, in order to recycle water usage. Exiatec's cutting-edge utility solutions


Allow our solutions to assist you in advancing your maintenance and management efforts when it comes to manoeuvring Road Infrastructures and Colossal Structures.

Nature & Agriculture

Unlock the benefits of quantitative risk assessment methodologies for managing Natural Resources, Slopes, and Agricultural Sectors to ensure that your operations are safe, hazard-free, and environmentally friendly.

Oil & Gas

Ascertain that your on-shore and offshore oil and gas assets are prudently managed, monitored, and maintained to guarantee that they are fully utilised until they reach near-zero functionality.

Manufacturing Innovations

Exiatec Advanced Production Suite enables you to maximise the potential of your manufacturing environments. These solutions have been built expressly for the purpose of digitising smart factories using industry 4.0-recognized data technologies.

 Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

To automate the entire suite of MES processes, we install numerous brands of PLCs in your smart factory, including Simentic, Allen Bradley, Melsec, and others.

Optimize your manufacturing processes with Malaysia's Leading Web and Mobile-Based Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

With Process-Based Artificial Intelligence, uncover and resolve the hidden causes of process inefficiencies and increase yield.

Fleet managers and firmware for all forms of robotic and automated guided vehicles



Exiatec MES enables Leading Manufacturers to avoid losses and significantly enhance production profits.

Equip a 5G-enabled system to enable frictionless and future-proof factory changes and thrive in the industrial world’s forthcoming 5G-dependent future. Exiatec MES integrates all data streams to a single shared control point, allowing for improved control, assurance, and stability of MES operations.


Platforms for Big Data and System Integration

Exiatec Big Data and System Integration Solutions are built on microservices and unique algorithms to ensure 100% success with better, faster, and more accurate data activities and data-driven insights.

With the Exiatec Multi-Protocol Message Broker, you can create a dependable, real-time event mesh.
Exiatec Solutions for Big Data 

A web-based solution for configuring and monitoring HADOOP in any infrastructure or cluster environment

Break free from expert lock-ins, allowing any user to effortlessly capitalise data

Connect APIs, systems, ETL, databases, and clouds with a nimble and adaptable platform.

With ease, transform multi-cloud and on-premises environments

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